Collection of my Art

Collection of my Art

Fabrizio Bergamo
by fabriziobergamo on 31 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

This is a collection of my best work, from sculpting in ZBrush to creating materials in Substance Designer. This also showcases my environment art skills through a diorama which I made during a specialism project at university.

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The Edge Unraveled Diorama

Stylised diorama inspired by the fantastic work of Tim Kaminski - Main Reference
This was the specialism project I did during my 3rd year of university. With this project, I wanted to explore and learn new techniques that can be used for the creation of a stylised environment.

I mostly followed the high to low poly workflow using ZBrush for the sculpts and Maya for retopo/ UVs, the snow was made in Substance Designer while the texturing of the assets was done in Painter.
The clouds are using a raymarching material made following Ryan Brucks' blog post on Shader Bits, I made the base shapes using a cloud generator done in Houdini, the volume textures for the shader were also rendered using Houdini.


During the development of the diorama, I made a document to keep track of its production, collecting together the research I did about raymarching, the description of how the technical aspects work, the process of making the snow and the workflow I set out for the making of the assets.

Feel free to go through it, or just scroll to the next project.
You can also find the full PDF document here.



Modelling and Texturing Workflow



Desert Palace - Patterns

Patterns made with Substance Designer and Illustrator for a stylised game environment.
Procedurality was essential, the materials of the tiles on these patterns are interchangeable, to allow multiple combinations.

Workflow inspired by Vincent Dérozier and his breakdowns on Polycount.

Desert Palace - Materials

Before making the patterns I created a library of stylised materials and grunges that the team could use for texturing.

Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain

Hero asset made for a PBR realistic environment inspired by The Last of Us but set in London.
High Poly model of Eros sculpted by Shanna Rodriguez Ortiz.

The whole asset took me 5 weeks to complete, it was quite a challenge but also an opportunity to push my skills to my limits.
Working on it definitely improved my proportions, judgment and sculpting skills in ZBrush. I retopologized all the high poly models, I'm not completely happy with the geometry though as the polycount is not fully optimized, however it was a really good exercise.


Reference and Approach

Texel Density tests



Central Piece





The Lost City - Materials

Substance materials I made for the VR project "The Lost City".


Substance Graph and Reference

Shader in Unreal Engine

Alen Marble

Shader in Engine and Substance Graph

Leaf Generator

Inspired by the leaf generator made by Jonathan Benainous
I tried to follow his breakdown posted on 80 LVL and create my own Leaf Generator.

Thanks for scrolling!

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