Passionate learning

Passionate learning

Enrique Sastre Escandón
by enriquesastre on 29 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

I'm thrilled to share with you my work for the last eight months at School-ing. It's been an amazing trip and I'm very proud of the outcome. Thank you so much for your time and interest, I hope you enjoy my portfolio as much as i enjoyed creating it!

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Learning at School-ing

Hello, my name is Enrique and his year I took my first steps into the world of architectural visualization at School-ing. --Creativity has alwasy been key for me and I found in this area an opportunity to use it--. I'm so happy to share with you the progress I have made during this time and I'm looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead 

Casa Tejocote - my debut project in 3D Max.

As my first exploration into architectural modeling, this Mexican house designed by Gonzalez Muchow was a beautiful challenge. Its warm brutalist aesthetics, featuring clean lines, earthy tones, and textured materials, captured my eye. Throughout the process, I not only gained a foundation in 3D modeling but also had the opportunity to explore the world of Forest Pack, using it to bring the house's garden to life.

Enhancing Modeling skills

Modeling a chair has been an enjoyable and instructive task, offering valuable lessons in creating more organic models and the skills it gave me helped me to approach future projects with more confidence and creative freedom. Also, I have been delighted to apply some tips on color and composition shared by our talented teachers, which I consider that allowed me to enhance the visual appeal and artistic impact of this images.

House recast-Studio Ben Allen: applying knowledge

For this first interior project I harnessed all the knowledge and experience gained from the previous ones, taking a leap forward in this creative journey . The project involved the renovation of a Victorian house in London, and I felt it was important to preserve some of this nostalgic essence in the rendering. I dedicated considerable effort to the modeling process, but it was the work with materials that truly stood out. Through the images, my focus was on creating an inviting and charming living space, which was made easier by the seamless integration of tradition and modernity in the original project.

Soma Lounge: Exploring Retail Design

In this third project, I ventured into the realm of retail design, selecting the futuristic office space designed by Studio BYO. The vibrant monochromatic orange colors and striking lamps caught my attention and also presented the biggest challenge during the project. Getting the right translucent material for the screens and achieving the perfect combination of light temperature and color played a crucial role in this project. Since the space lacked windows, the main source of illumination relied on this big traslucent walls reinforced by accent lighting from pinspots. Additionally, the incorporation of organic shapes and wall holes added complexity to the project. I was particularly drawn to the unique ambiance of the lounge, which inspired me to include unconventional elements like frogs to enhance the overall eccentricity of the space.

Green in the City: Embracing the Challenge

This project posed a primary challenge: handling a larger-scale endeavor within a limited timeframe. It really showed me how vast and exciting this field can be. I focused on storytelling, aiming to create an office building in the city with abundant vegetation and an inviting indoor patio for the neighborhood to enjoy. I took inspiration from Chipperfield's awesome Amorepacific headquarters in Korea to re-model this building. Additionally, I ventured into new techniques, such as integrating real-life photography of a nearby building and using speed-modeling techniques to create a sense of familiarity.

A Work in Progress: Embracing Inspiration

These images represent the ongoing journey of our latest project. With a model of a building inspired by the architecture of Kengo Kuma, this project is guided by the mentorship of Victor Bonafonte from Beauty and the Bit (big shout out to Victor for his kind words and generous feedback!). Our aim for this project is to quickly generate various sketches that are not only efficient but also impactful. 

Reflecting on the Journey: Passion and Gratitude

As I reflect on the progress I've made, I'm filled with a sense of accomplishment, but I also realize that there's still so much more to explore and discover. One area that particularly excites me is animation, and I'm eagerly looking forward to diving into it during the final month of lessons.

I also want to express my deepest gratitude to my teachers, Adán and Eduardo, for their invaluable guidance and unwavering support. I'm also thankful to the entire staff at School-ing for creating an environment that fosters growth and learning.

I want to extend this thanks to all of you for joining me on this visual journey. I hope that you've found as much joy in exploring my portfolio as I have in sharing it with you.

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