AVALON - Unreal Engine 5 Cinematic

AVALON - Unreal Engine 5 Cinematic

AVALON is an Unreal Engine 5 Cinematic completed over the course of 4 months during our second year at the University of Hertfordshire.

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A Gun Runner’s rest stop is cut short by a Hunter from the Avalon Corporation. With a ruthless enemy determined to hunt him down, and turn his death into a message of what happens when you double cross the corporation… he must prepare to fight for his life.

Character Work

Cayson is the protagonist of the cinematic, a military veteran who has turned to black market weapons trading. Cayson is quick witted and silver tongued, and also very handy with tech and mechanics. He is also a skilled combatant thanks to his military days.

Character Art (Cayson) : Charlie Shrehorn-Middleton

ARTEMIS is the antagonist of the cinematic. She is a notorious mercenary and apex predator, tasked with dispatching Cayson after he double crossed the Avalon Corporation. She is ruthlessly efficient and devoid of any human emotion.

Character Art (ARTEMIS) : Ethan James Chapman

Prop Work

Cayson's PDW is inspired by modern-day firearms and features a folding-stock and ergonomic grip. It was modelled with the the Boolean workflow using Zbrush and Maya to create more complex forms. 

Environment Art / Prop Art / Tech Art : Zachary Allen

The Process

The overall cinematic has gone through many different stages and iterations since its original blockout, allowing for a more immersive experience than previously ideated. Working alongside some VFX students in our year, we adapted the camera animations and compositions to feel more cinematic and engaging. 

Environment Work

The cinematic takes place within Cayson's second-hand cargo ship. The disordered and slightly claustrophobic interior assists in creating a tense and unnerving atmosphere as Cayson searches his ship for the intruder. 

Environment Art / Prop Art / Tech Art : Zachary Allen

Concept Art

The main characters went through a lengthy and intensive series of designs, before we settled on the main design for the cinematic. They were designed to be very contrasted to one-another, where Cayson is much smaller and has a very organic silhouette; ARTEMIS is much larger and more imposing, with harsh edges and angular forms. 

Concept Art : Jaye Lara Blunden

The Team 

Environment Art / Prop Art / Tech Art : Zachary Allen 

Character Art (Cayson) : Charlie Shrehorn-Middleton 

Character Art (ARTEMIS) : Ethan James Chapman 

Animation / Some Rigging : Connor Scheibe 

Concept Art : Jaye Lara Blunden 

Lighting : Diana Karakushyan

Rigging : Myles Baker

Music Composition and Sound Design : Drew Gubbins

External Resources Used

https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/omega-sci-fi-modular-environment-pack - Some Modular Environment Pieces

https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/omega-sci-fi-modular-environment-pack - Sound Effects

Quixel Megascans - Some Environment Props

Epidemic Sounds - Some Sound Effects

Easy Fog by William Faucher - Fog Cards

3DScanStore - Super Average Head Base Mesh, Body Mesh, Albedo and Displacement Maps

Polina Shaman and Epic Games - Hair Material

Epic Games - Digital Human Eye Mesh and Material 

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