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Shrouded Citadel/Terem in the Swamp

Shrouded Citadel/Terem in the Swamp

Brittany Blaker
by BrittBlaker on 30 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

A compilation of my last two terms at Think Tank Training Centre, focused on Modularity and Level Art.

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Shrouded Citadel

Shrouded Citadel is a project I created for my Mentorship Term at Think Tank Training Centre. The goal was to create an original Gothic-style castle using my favourite elements of real gothic architecture. 



Broken down into four groups:
- Building Kit Materials
- Rock Materials
- Snow Materials
- Assorted Materials

All made within Substance Designer, and further tweaked inside of the engine shader.


As this was an original idea, the project went through some massive changes over the timeline. 

Kit Breakdown

Composed of 4 primary groups:
- Main Building Kit
- Tower Kit 
- Roof Kit
- Assets

These assets are very interchangeable, and I used them to create very unique buildings in the scene.

Rock Breakdown

The rock was created with a newer method of using rock scan data to boolean into my sculpt to capture realistic details from existing scans. Then, was using a nanite method inside of Unreal Engine 5, and followed up with an RGB Mask workflow for the texturing.

Trim Sheet

Terem in the Swamp

***Foliage is Quixel Megascan***

Terem in the Swamp is an adaptation on the work of concept artist Alexandra Li for my Advanced term at Think Tank Training Centre. The focus for this project was to create an environment inside of Unreal Engine focusing on modularity pipeline, with a large hero prop addition.



Created inside of Substance Designer and further tweaked inside Unreal Engine Shaders.


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