Anne Fichet - Concept Art 2023

Anne Fichet - Concept Art 2023

Anne Fichet
by AnneFichet on 27 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

The following pieces are the ones I worked on during my scholarship at New3dge concept art, whether it is personal or group projects. I hope you will enjoy seeing my art as much as I enjoy creating it!

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Men at Arms is novel written by Terry Pratchett that I decided to adapt it in my graduation project. I imagined the characters as playable in a video game universe and re-designed them to this extent with their abilities, but also playing around with their personnalities. Let's jump into it!


Angua is a woman - the first! - enrolled in the city watch of Ankh Morpork. Coming from the country of Überwald, she's the descendant of a family of werewolves and can turn into a stunning and otherworldly looking wolf made of light and petals. She will be our main playable character during our adventure.

The goal and challenge was to think outside the box and look for an original design even though the book description is quite brief. I did not want a design that would look too medieval-European ; I ended up being inspired by Romanian et Greek traditional clothing.

As a werewolf, she is said to be a beautiful hound dog, often compared as the ones from the Ramtops : snowy moutains known to be inhabited by weird and wonderful people and creatures, and to be the house of the gods.


Obsessed with the idea that royalty must be restored, Edward is the assassin that stole the first firearm ever created : the "Gonne". Cursed by a dark magic, the weapon soon infuses its power into him slowly, and allows him to turn into a devilish creature that Angua will have to stop.

I can't be grateful enough for Simon Tosovsky and Choro Choi's help throughout the whole time of this project. I wouldn't have gone this far without their knowledge and their kindness, so thank you a lot! Thanks also to Nils Carstens for supervising us as an art director.

⸱Group projects⸱

Below are the concept art I've created for The city of Karnak, one of the yearly project at New3dge, laying the foundation for the Game Art and CGI students, whose works are showcased in the subsequent slider presentation, bringing the initial concepts to life. It is an action/adventure game, happening in a dark universe and taking place in Egypt.

An Egyptian temple located near the city of Karnak is said to be cursed by some dark magic and inhabited by monsters and undead. More than a hundred years separate our two heroes, Ahmer, a fierce soldier and Haythem a fearless archer. But they share a common goal : Breaking the curse of the temple of Karnak.

Ahmer, Thebes' Blade - VFX character

 Seshfet, Thoth's messenger - Game art NPC

Haythem, Bringer of Light - Game art Character

Concept art team : Jérôme Bianchi - Céline Cariou - Noel Martins - Regin Wellander - Anne Fichet

Game art team : Jean-Jacques Dumas - Vincent D'Andrea - Armande Lecointre - Ludivine Bellot - Moheb Naguib - Benjamin Kretschmann - Maxime Leroy - Estelle Panel

VFX Team : Alex Mazire - Guoliang Qin - Hugo Trenoras - Enguerrand Plouviez - Crystal de Benedetti - Iona Goncalves - Julien Doyen - Manel Allali

A huge thanks to Jens Claessens, Timo Peter and Mike Azevedo for their supervision during the whole project and the illustration process


Roebuck is another concept art project I did for game art students during the summer. The game is an action/adventure stylized game, and happens in a steampunk universe where a part of humanity lives up above the clouds. The city's economy relies on the hunt of the flying creatures living in the sky. Getting close to an Arcane type of visuals was something the students I worked really cared about. Adjusting to this style was a very interesting experience.

Concept art team : Regin Wellander - Marius Villard - Anne Fichet

Game art team : Valentin Lefevre - Yohan Houel - Hippolyte Gely - Raphaël Banget-Mossaz - Mathis Boumedjmadjen - Moheb Naguib - Benjamin Kretschmann

Thanks again to Jens and Boell Oyino for their help during those two classes

⸱Special thanks⸱

To end this entry, I would first of all like to say a huge thanks to Aurelien Fournier who created this class, who also gave me the opportunity to be a part of the concept art scholarship and supervised us through this whole journey. Huge thanks also to every teacher and artist that I met along the way and allowed me to refine my skills.

Finally, I am grateful for the people who supported me and pushed me to give the best of myself.

See you next year!

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