Rassoul Edji - 2D & 3D Generalist

Rassoul Edji - 2D & 3D Generalist

Rassoul Edji
by rassoul on 28 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

An entry comprising of my work spanning multiple disciplines.

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This passion project is something I've had in mind for a while as a homage to my favorite car: the Ferrari LaFerrari. I started modeling the car back in November jumping on it whenever I had time between university projects. I put the project on hold while working on the final university project only to pick it up after university wrapped up in the middle of May.

 This was the first time I worked with any real rigging and object tracking. I knew what I wanted from the start so I planned the shooting of the plate with care, ensuring that all data was recorded and that I wouldn't make life harder for myself.

This was a project that I did for a university module. The brief was to choose a plate, create an asset (preferably a mechanical object)  and then integrate that asset into the chosen plate. I chose to do an EC.145 Police Helicopter. 

This project was part of the texturing and lookdev specialism I did in university. I'm a Transformers lover so naturally I chose to do something from the Transformers universe. In this case it was my favorite Decepticon - Shockwave, but with a different spin on the weathering visible on him.

I wanted this shot to pull back further than the movements of the real camera on set. I had to recreate the movements digitally and pull back further while making the transition from the digital camera to the real camera as seamless as possible. There wasn't any extra footage so I had to try to mask and animate it as much as possible. I am proud of the final result - especially considering that it was done in just a week and a half. 

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