Yann Leblanc - Concept Art  2023

Yann Leblanc - Concept Art 2023

Yann Leblanc
by YannLeblanc on 27 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hi ! I'm a graduating student at New3dge Concept Art ! Here are the works I've been producing during this past year. Hope you’ll like it !

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The goal for my graduation project, was to imagine the character designs and worldbuilding, for a video game loosely based off the story and worldbuilding of the book "The Priory of the Orange Tree" by Samantha Shannon

A divided world. Nearly 1000 years of peace have passed since the Grief of Ages. Kingdoms and Empires now face the awakening of Wyrms, meaning their Master, the Nameless One is about to come back...

We’re gonna focus on the Region of Seiiki and it’s characters, a fantasy Peninsula taking roots from Asia, where Dragons lives among people and praised as God.

Tané Miduchi

The Main character of our story. She's a young orphan from Seiiki who trained all her life to become a Dragon rider, among the prestigious Guards of the High Sea. They are Elite soldiers who fight to protect Seiiki from any threats. They have a strong bond with water and Dragons.
Carrying with her a mysterious jewel, she'll have to travel across the Sea to find ways to prevent the Nameless One to return.

My goal with her was to combine some of the book's cultural inspiration from Asia, but also aiming for more unique trait in the Worldbuilding.
Seiikinese Peoples uses strong yet beautiful sea shells as one of their main ressources : gathered, polished and weaved to create Armors and decorations. The idea of flow and water can be seen all over their costumes and equipments.

As she is the main character of this project, I chose to spend the most amount of time on her explorations and render. A big challenge with her was to find a good balance between developing an interresting Seiiki culture through her costume, and still showing her personnality and uniqueness !


Tané's dragon. An Eastern Dragon, she can fly but her natural environments are the deep Seas surrounding Seiiki.

Dragons are praised as Gods by Seiikinese, and are invaluable companions for the High Sea Guards.

 The main goal of this creature was to branch out a from the classic Asian dragon design, while retaining some of it's iconic feature, and show the very strong bound she has with water.

Great Elder Vara

Formely one of the greatest Dragon rider, he now lives as a Great Scholar and Archivist of Feather Island, an isolated place where everything is about the study and transmission of the precious knowledge of Seiiki. 
Very Calm and intelligent, the numerous scars and his missing legs are witnesses of a tortured past.

Golden Empress

One of the Vilain of the Story, seeking wealth and immortality at all cost.
A fierce pirate lord leading the biggest Fleet of the East. 
She drives the illegal trade and massive black markets of dragon flesh.
Her past is very unclear

She once was working and living in a Brothel, and later she joined the Piracy, wanting to emacipate herself. As she moved up in rank, she also became greedy about wealth and power, always wanting more; the gain her statue of Leader and Golden Empress by killing and plundering.
 I wanted her costume to reflect hints of her past and what she seek :
The overcludded ornaments would be reminiscent of the way she became empress : by accumulating wealth stolen from other, like a bird that would decorate it's own feather with what shines the most.


Tané riding her dragon to one the High Sea Guards outposts.

Huge thanks to Choro Choi, Simon Tososvky and Danar Worya whose feedbacks and guidance really helped me to push myself, and achieve a bettet result ! Also thanks a lot to Niels Carsten for supervising the Graduation projects as an Art Director.


As a character designer on the project, belows are the works I produced during 8 weeks for Paris 2084 ! We worked as a team of 5, it was a great experience to explore and define the look and feel of the final game ! 

Paris 2084 is a project done for the Game Art and VFx section at New3dge.
This is about the "Steel Inspector", a genetically modified human who fight Ai in a futuristic Paris.

Creative director : Aurélien Fournier

Art director : Timo Peter 

Steel Inspector 

Splash art illustration and Character design for the main character of the game

Policemen and Citizen

Concept Art Team : Bryan Zapata - Alexandra Trauth - Yann Leblanc - Nathan Agostini - Noah Hamilton 

Game Art Team : PILAT Morgan - JOUBERT Tom - COUDERC Alice - Le Cocguen Eva - Tatchi Flavian -  Benedetti Baya - Lebel Morganne

Thanks to Boell Oyino and Timo Peter, and Mike Azevedo for their great feedbacks during this project !


Uno The Young blacksmith

A young blacksmith apprentice, who's dream is to become an explorer in the Wilderness.
The goal with this character was to explore the idea of a young and inexperienced adventurer, who'd equip himself with left-overs items he would found and restore. I went for some Zelda-ish vibes for this one, because I love this idea of the young villager that will later on become a great Adventurer.

I also had to explore differents skins that Uno could get throughout his Journey.

Character design done during Boell Oyino's course.

The Mesaari Oucast

Personnal work done last year during the summer

Wizard School Teachers

Here's some character design work I did with Jens Claessens.
The goal was to create Instructors in a Magical school and their mystical transformation. 


Character and creature design done for Simon Tosovsky course. I was aiming to create a character from fireman-like crew, deployed to find a missing expedition group in a Alien Planet

Turrets design done for Dmitry Yepik course on Props and hard surface design

Various Environments and Keyframes

Environment design and Comps done for Tomas Muir class

Corrupted bridge

Environment design done for Sean Vo's course, probably the Environment I had the most fun with !


To finish my entry, I would like to say a huge thanks to Aurélien Fournier who created this section and who guided us so much during these two last years, and also all the peoples behind New3dge.
To all the great Instructors and  Artists we had the chance to met, and who pushed us to give the very best of ourselves.

To my classmates, who became dear friends, and my girlfriend and Family, who supported me since the beginning.

Thank you !!


Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/yann-leblanc-27a456161

Artstation : https://www.artstation.com/yannleblanc

Instagram : https://instagram.com/yn_leblanc?igshid=MzNlNGNkZWQ4Mg==

Email : [email protected]

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