Portfolio Sci-Fi Stuff

Portfolio Sci-Fi Stuff

Maël Briffa
by maelb on 28 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

This is my participation to The Rookie Contest. Hope you like it! :)

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Dropship Industrial

End school project for my second year study at ARIES Grenoble! I really enjoyed working on this project that I was able to finish just in time for my submission to The Rookie contest. The goal was to achieve an object of our choice with the constraints of real time. Then I had to make a stage for a Marmoset turtable and Renderman rendering !

Star Citizen Forklift Fan Art

Pure personal project, a fan art of a game that inspires me a lot! It was especially an opportunity for me to learn more about the workflow of creating a game asset and prepare the ground for my year-end project. Very fun to do !

In game references

Sci-Fi Monitor

Bonus time !

Thanks for watching, hope you enjoy !

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