Concept Art Collection 2023

Concept Art Collection 2023

Kiara Leneuf
by kiaraleneuf on 26 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hi, I'm Kiara, I'm 23, and I'm finalizing my studies at New3dge Concept Art ! I have the pleasure to showcase my graduation project, as well as a selection of other designs that I've produced over the past 2 years !

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The goal with this 3 months long project was to work on worldbuilding, as part of a potential animated movie, inspired by the famous japanese tale "Momotaro". It was a great opportunity for me to revisit one of my childhood's favorite, and bring my own twist to it.

Momotaro and his companions are heading to Oni Island (the place where the demons "Onis" and their King reside) in order to finally put an end to the wrong they are causing in many places, looting and destroying villages.
This project is following their journey, from them finding the island, then going through the deep magical forest, to finally reach the volcanic lands.

For this introduction shot, I was inspired by pictures my parents have taken almost 30 years ago at the Mifuneyama Rakuen, as well as the Kuju Mountains that I discovered later through my research.

For all my shots, I've used a mix of Blender (rather rough 3D base) and Photoshop to achieve my goal !

The characters aren't the main topic of my project, but I thought it could be interesting to include them in my images. I was inspired by the shape of peaches for their designs, since "Momo" means "peach" in japanese (he is also found by his adoptive parents in a giant peach).

The island is covered by a deep forest, filled with interesting plants... A place where you can get lost or hide yourself very easily, a fact that some human survivors tried to take advantage of.

Through my research, I discovered the wonderful world of moss, and since moss is quite celebrated and taken care of in Japan, I thought it could be interesting to use them as main references for the designs of my rather strange plants. 

And finally, in the very heart of Oni Island, are the volcanic lands, surrounding the great volcano, where the Onis and their King live. The lands are kept and controlled by them, in order to arrest any unexpected visitors.

Special thanks to Ulysse Verhasselt and Simon Tosovsky who provided me with the greatest feedbacks all throughout the project !


Aqua Heroes is a  group project which was aiming to provide concept artworks to the Game Art and CGI students of my school, so they could turn them as a game demo or a game teaser, and bring the initial concepts to life. A part of their work is showcased in the subsequent slider presentation ! 

For 2 months, I worked it a team of 4 : Romane TRELUYER and Antoine GADOUD as character designers, and Cécilia LAPEZE and myself as environment designers. It was a challenging but learning experience. I was tasked to design the lower city, as well as the spaceship/ boss room.

Creative Director: Aurélien FOURNIER, Art director : Timo PETERS

In this game, a team of 4 children are fighting mechanical monsters who are invading the planet, with their favorite water weapons.

For the city, we wanted to create a playful and colorful place: the ultimate playground for kids. We took mainly inspiration of brutalism for the architecture, the geometric aspect seemed really appealing to us, and would contrast well with the waves of the growing sea. 

When it comes to the design of the spaceship, I wanted to design something modular so it could be easier for the 3D artist to build it in 3D and iterate with it ! I took inspiration of the design of the mechs Antoine GADOUD did, in order to keep the same shape language for their spaceship.

Special thanks to Ulysse Verhasselt  and Timo Peters who gave me feedbacks, and overall supported our team during the entirety of the project ! Thanks to Mike Azevedo for his tips and kindness while helping me with the marketing art ! 


And to finish up, here's a selection of a few projects I did at school or in my free time throughout my 2 years of specialization. A lot of environments and line art, because I love doing these ! 

Experiment: Environment & Colors

During Tomas Osang Muir's class, I was given the opportunity to experiment a lot with colors and composition. We made many color sketches for a few weeks, before landing on one we particularly like and push it to a final level.

Playtime Adventure

Playtime Adventure is a week long group project I made last year, with Noah HAMILTON, Antoine GADOUD, Nathan AGOSTINI and Anne FICHET during Jason Horley's class.

We created visuals for a potential animated movie where a kid playing with their toys is imagining an incredible adventure. It still remains today one of my favorite project I ever worked on, both for the subject and team experience !


Colossus was created as part of a design class with Wouter Gort. The goal was "Make Titanfall not Titanfall". Thus, we had to sketch designs for mechs, props, environments... I decided to settle the project in a fantasy medieval world, where a civilization of sorcerers, who are slowly losing their powers, are trying to face the growing number of enemies by creating gigantic puppets they can control with their magical abilities.

Good Morning

Good Morning was a group project I participated to, as the main concept artist, over the summer of 2022, on my free time. It was unfortunately cancelled, but it was aiming to end up as a short film made by my friends and schoolmates from the CGI class. It was a super interesting experience for me, because I had to work for the first time with clients, and answer their needs and requests. I collaborated mostly with my friends Ismail FASSI FIHRI for the environments, and Noémie MENARD for the characters, who both provided me with feedbacks.

Good Morning has a very simple story : two aspiring witches are late to school, and are heading to the academy as fast as they can.

Team MILK: Ismail FASSI FIHRI, Vincent LARCHER, Brice SE, Elena VORABOUTH, Celine DANG, Noémie MENARD, Thomas SAMIMI, Inès POULET, Carla CHATAIGNON, Cléa GAZEL and Hugo TRENORAS.

Thank you for scrolling !

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