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Baptiste Guérin - Concept Art - 2023

Baptiste Guérin - Concept Art - 2023

Baptiste Guérin
by baptisteguerin on 29 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hi, here you can find all the work I did during my time at New3dge Concept art! You'll also find my final project, my various projects at New3dge and my personal projects I hope you like it, enjoy your scrolling session !

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Graduation project: DOCKFIGHT

Dockfight is my final project during this last year in the Concept art section at New3dge.

in short the story is about secret street racing in the not so distant futuretaking place in the port of Busan (South Korea).

The real aim behind this project was to combine the different creative processes that I learnt during my training in the Concept art section.

Several challenges had to be overcome during the production of the project: time, speed of execution, and the newness of creating the vehicle.

DOCKFIGHT : Environment design

The aim here was to create two keyframes laying the visual foundations for the world in which the vehicle evolves.
The two environments were created and assembled on Blender and then reworked on Photoshop. 

Some of the 3d assets used for the scenes are assets available on Sketchfab and are in no way my creation. (the other car is a model from the user Tiaan.Pretorius)

DOCKFIGHT : Vehicle Design

The vehicle design part of the project was a real challenge for me as I'd rarely had the opportunity to model cars before. In retrospect, it was certainly a complicated part but without doubt the most interesting part of my project in terms of work and learning.

I did the modelling on Fusion 360, exported it to Keyshot and finally rendered the final result on Photoshop. 

Project : TOWER 42

Tower 42 is a collaborative project with New3dge's Game Art and VFX classes. The objective was to create concepts that would then be used by these two sections to create a realistic exploration game set on a planet recently colonised by humans, where they conduct a constant battle against the environment, particularly fire.

Below below is an artwork I did for one of the Tower 42 promotional posters for the New3dge's GameArt section. (Logo made by Hippolyte Gely and presentation by the New3dge team).

Below you'll find the two environments I've been lucky enough to develop for the Game Art and FVX teams.

You can use the slider to see the result of the first environment reworked by the VFX section. 

Below is the second environment I've worked on, unfortunately for time reasons it won't be used by the other classes.

to see more of the tower 42 project, I invite you to have a look at the other students who worked on the project on the concept art side.

Sara Hermellin (characters) :
Axel Roux (environment) :
Samuel Lauro (characters) :
Unai Loidi (vehicle design and environment) : 

Personal Portfolio

Environments and Characters  CONCEPTS 

In this section I have grouped together pieces that I have created for various intersecting projects on which I have had the chance to work throughout my two years in the concept section. 

All the concepts you will see below are essentially made with Blender and Photoshop.

Done during one of the 1st group projects in my section, here I had to create two keyframes evolving in the office of a criminal organisation boss.

Made during the first group project in my section. We had to create keyframes telling the story of a prehistoric tribe going to a place of worship.

One of the many concepts I've been able to make to train on Blender and Photoshop.

Made during a course with Ivan Laliashvili.

Made during a course on character design with Thomas Istepanyan.


Of my entire portfolio finally we come to one of the most important parts for me, throughout my schooling I looked for what I really liked to do, at the beginning of my course I hated 3D modelling, I found alternative solutions to compensate by using a lot of kitbash and post process with photobashing in my work. But 2 months ago, as I write this on 29/05/2023, I discovered the world of concept design in a whole new light thanks to a YouTube video by Alex Senechal. I fell in love with his process and since then I've been trying to combine what I learnt during my two years of concept art with this new vision of design.

You will find below my weapon design projects 
and a little caption to describe them.

These are made on Fusion 360 then exported to Keyshot, and finally a little post-processing on Photoshop.


 The intelligent crossbow 독수리 (eagle) is a product from the range of intelligent weapons produced by the Korean firm Youwang Electonics.

Capable of targeting an enemy from 800m away due to its double locking system, the tile will be automatically guided as soon as it is launched. 


The Long Strike is a highly manoeuvrable and versatile precision rifle manufactured by the Korean company Techpoint Robotics. 


The ballistic knife 뱀 (snake) is a product of the Korean firm Techpoint robotics.

Originally designed to compensate for a lack of kitchen knives in the Techpoint facility, it was later upgraded to a powerful throwing knife. Combining a damascus blade and a pisolet trigger

RHINO-T-AXE 던지는 도끼

The Rhino throwing axe is a product of the Korean firm Techpoint Robotics, it seems that the designer of this product had the idea of this new design of axe when he was cutting wood to heat the interior of his workshop at Techpoint during a freezing winter.


From the Rhino range of Techpoint robotics this revisit of the Merlin 1895 rifle is specially designed for special forces soldiers operating behind enemy lines. all components have been reworked to generate as little noise as possible when reloading and firing.

SIG by 매직 8 (Magic 8)

Review of the design of the Sig P320 pistol by the Korean firm 매직 8 (Magic 8).

Smoke Grenade ZP_55

The new generation of ZP-55 smoke grenades, being both ultra light and featuring the ZP presurization feature allowing a small container for a larger content. This makes them a perfect option for the modern front line soldier. 

Thank you for taking the time to scroll and look !

These two years have not been the easiest of my schooling but I'm happy to have had the opportunity to be part of this section which has brought me a lot, in terms of work level but also it has allowed me to find what really drives me!

I'd like to thank all the fantastic teachers who have given me the motivation to persevere in my work!
To all the people I've met, whether for a brief moment or for a long time.
To Aurélien Fournier who has guided us throughout these two years !
To all the New3dge team.

and finally to my mother, who has always been able to find the right words to support me in this adventure, which isn't going to stop here ! ;)



Contact at: [email protected]

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