Cecilia Lapeze - Concept art 2023

Cecilia Lapeze - Concept art 2023

Cecilia LAPEZE
by cecilialapeze on 26 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hi ! I'm Cecilia, 22 years old, and this is the work I did during my two years at New3dge concept art. I have a burning passion for animated movies, video games, and bees. I'd like to specialize in stylized environment, where I would be able to express my endeerment for painting colorful places. Beest regards.

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The city of Larispem is my three months graduation project, based on the books serie Les mystères de Larispem by Lucie Pierrat-Pajot. The story takes place in a steampunk version of Paris, with some historical twists. 
I imagined this project as an animated movie, and created stylized environments to illustrate where the story takes place. So let's go on a walk and explore the mysteries of Larispem...

The Verne Tower is an iconic monument in Larispem. Built on top of Montmartre hill, it replaces the Eiffel Tower in the city. Symbol of progress and union between citizens, many tourists come from all over France to admire this gigantic building.

The Tower grand hall is always full of life, filled with people, plants, and cogwheels clatters. The hall is decorated with painted frescos which represents Jules Verne's books stories. 
The props were especially fun to draw !

Larispem's streets are always full of lights and noise, especially at night, when automaton puppeteers makes little theatre shows for children. A joyful moment surrounded by steam and mechanical inventions.
I took a lot of inspiration from haussmanian buildings, which made me staring at Parisian architecture even more than usual, clutching a baguette for a better immersion.

Thank you for visiting Larispem ! Hope you come back soon !


Aqua Heroes is a game art/VFX project I did during my school year in a team. It's a stylized top view shooter, where kids have to slay mechanical monsters to save a flooded city.
These concepts created a base for the game art and CGI students, whose works are showcased in slides below, bringing the concepts to life.

Starting with the mid town environments; during the game, characters are climbing higher and higher in the city, until they reach the bad guys' headquarter : a spaceship.

The upper town is the last town segment in the game before entering the spaceship. While you go up, the sun fades down.

This environment serve as a base arena, a starting point for the game demo and a setting for the animated part. It takes place in the lower city. I also did some storyboard beats featuring three of the four characters.

Last part is a mix of early sketches and bluesky color concepts. We did a lot of researches and back-and-forth before setting up for the final environment. 

My bluesky color sketches recurring theme : Kevin's adventures in the destroyed city.

Concept art team (also known as the wet gang) : Romane Treluyer, Antoine Gadoud, Kiara Leneuf and myself

Game art team : Marie Henry, Mélanie Khau, Axel Daboineau, Romain Hologne, Kenza El Mhaia, Tiffany Le Thanh, Raphael Banget-Mossaz

VFX team : Leslie Ramjattan, Alexandre Faucheux, Ludovic Fabre, Carla Chataignon, Lily Akhawi, Inès Poulet, Allan Chelli, Ricardo Tohmé


Works I did during my two years at school or in my free time.


A project with a goal of creating visuals for an animated movie set during the Reconquista, and taking place in Andalusia. 



Some paintings and speedpaints I did during my free time. I always love to try and push my skills !

Thank you for scrolling !

Many thanks to my teachers, who helped me improve and push my art during these two years. A very special thanks to Ulysse Verhasselt - an amazing teacher and artist, for his advices during my projects. 

And of course, a million thanks to my classmates and friends, who are both wonderful and amazingly talented people. The gremlins will carry on.

And finally, thanks for everyone who showed me support or gave me advices during my student years. I'll always looking forward to improve and be proud of my work.


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