Concept Art 2022-2023

Concept Art 2022-2023

Romane Treluyer
by RomaneTreluyer on 26 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hi everyone ! I'll be graduating this year from school so I'm really hyped to share some of the work I did at New3dge concept art the past year !

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Graduation Project

Midnight Dive was a 3 month long project, largely inspired by my fascination for marine creatures and fantasy. It was done during my last year at New3dge Concept Art. 

The story is set in the coastal town of Dunmoor, modern-times Ireland, and follows its two main protagonists: Nemo and Astoria. These two aspiring ghost hunters, along their newly found spectral friend, seek to unravel the mysteries that manifest within their hometown.

The Ghost Hunting Team

The hunt of specters is not so much about fighting them, but rather tracking them and finding their anchor: an object most attached to the emotions they were formed from. 

Both Nemo and Astoria have an experience dealing with death in their lives and their attraction to the sea, combined with their fascination of the afterlife got them into their ghost hunting gig.

Ghost hunter equipment

The Specters of Dunmoor

Specters are the embodiment of strong emotions, and they usually take the form of marine life, such as fish, molluscans, etc. They are formed due to an important concentration of one or multiple emotions gathered in a specific place, the most common factor being grief and hurt. This is the reason they are associated to the traditional ghosts. The energy of a specter may be imprinted on a location if it stays around too long, causing a residual "haunting" to occur.

Dunmoor is a fictive isolated coastal town in Northern Ireland that seems to have been forgotten by the rest of the world. Its golden days have long been over, and that might be why there's such an important population of specters there.  

I thought it'd be really interesting to see other types of ghosts and the people haunted by them, so I came up with a trio of Dunmoor inhabitants. The main idea was to keep them sort of anchored in the past, with plain and colored washed clothes so as to focus better on their expressions. 

Warmest of thanks to Simon Tosovsky, Choro Choi and Nils Carstens for all the feedbacks provided throughout the project ! 

Aqua Heroes


We worked as a team for 2 months on Aqua Heroes, where we had to come up with concepts for a stylized top down action RPG. The aim was to provide materials to both Game Art and VFX classes of New3dge for their graduation projects. 

It was my first experience working intensely with other people to create an entire world. I worked on the character design part of the project along Antoine Gadoud and was tasked with creating the team of protagonists.

Concept art team (aka the Wet Gang): Kiara LENEUF, Cécilia Lapeze & Antoine Gadoud

Game Art team: Marie Henry, Mélanie Khau, Axel Daboineau, Romain Hologne,Kenza El Mhaia, Tiffany Le Thanh,  Raphael Banget-Mossaz.

VFX teams : Leslie Ramjattan, Ludovic Fabre, Alexandre Faucheux & Carla Chataignon || Lily Akhawi, Inès Poulet, Allan Chelli & Ricardo Thomé.

The team needed to be composed of different roles while remaining affiliated to water weapons. 

Finding how the world worked and how the characters adapted to it was to biggest challenge throughout the project. Since the initial prompt was a little vague, we had to figure out what would make the gameplay interesting while remaining possible to adapt for the VFX & GA classes. 

Special thanks to Boell Oyino and Timo Peter for their feedbacks.

Splash Art done with the direction of Mike Azevedo :

Personal Portfolio 

Character Design Projects

Characters made during Jens Claessens course. The prompt was to create a staff members of a magical school à la Wednesday/Harry Potter. 

Warrhen Egghart de Morris was made during Boell Oyino's course on character design. We had to choose a prompt from a list of ideas and I decided to go with a cook archetype. 

I had a lot of fun designing my rooster themed boy !  

Coming up with a line of skins for him was a blast ! Especially when it came to naming them. 

Another work made during a previous class with Boell Oyino. That time, the task was to create a lineup of three characters that belonged to different guilds / casts, but within the same faction. It was a good opportunity for me to bring one my favorite subject on the table : insects. 

A smol creature design project made during Simon Topovsky's course earlier this year : the prompt was to design three types of mobs that belonged to the same group of insectoid creatures on an alien planet. 

Thank you for scrolling ! 

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