Vanessa Riego | TTO Environment Artist

Vanessa Riego | TTO Environment Artist

Vanessa Riego
by VanessaRiego on 25 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Welcome to a small exhibition showcasing three projects I completed during my time at Think Tank Training (Online). While I am still evolving and expanding my knowledge, I have certainly acquired a few valuable skills along the way. So, take a moment to unwind, sit back, and enjoy the experience! Thanks :)

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Golden Gai

My project Golden Gai serves as my final submission for the Think Tank Advanced Term. The concept for my project"Golden Gai" drew inspiration from photographer Guillermo Alarcon's image of one of the iconic walking streets in Golden Gai (located in Shinjuku ward).

This photograph deeply resonated with me, stirring up a profound sense of nostalgia. In 2020, my partner and I had to bid farewell to Japan and return to Canada. Our departure was not only due to the expiration of our visas but also influenced by the pandemic. Japan held a special place in my heart, and parting ways with that chapter of my life proved to be incredibly challenging. It symbolized a deep connection and love affair with Japan's rich culture and way of life, which I still cherish deeply.

For me, this project is a heartfelt homage to the longing I feel for my past life—the simple joy of wandering through streets, relishing in delectable bowls of ramen, and immersing myself in the vibrant nightlife of Japan. It encapsulates the essence of my yearning to return to that cherished experience, to once again roam those streets that hold countless memories.

Side by side comparison.
Left: Concept image by Guillermo Alarcon   ---   Right: Golden Gai By Vanessa Riego

Punks Not Dead

As part of my intermediate term final project at Think Tank Online, I designed and brought to life an environment called "Punks not Dead." This scene captures the nostalgic essence of a music venue bathroom. It was my first experience creating a complete scene, and I feel a great sense of pride in the work I have accomplished.

When I first began brainstorming ideas for my final project, I must admit I was a bit uncertain. However, I found myself strangely drawn to concepts involving toilets, graffiti, and an overall gritty aesthetic. Trusting my instincts, I decided to design a grimy music venue's bathroom. In terms of texturing, I am very pleased with the outcome achieved within the given five-week timeframe. Developing grungy textures proved to be a challenging yet rewarding process that pushed the boundaries of both creativity and technical skills. I particularly enjoyed designing decals and posters to enhance the walls, adding an extra layer of complexity to the seemingly ordinary scene. Overall, this project has brought me great personal satisfaction, and I am deeply grateful for choosing this unique concept.

These are just a few images I used to build the concept for Punks Not Dead.

Retro TV

During the Intermediate term in the Environment & Prop Design for Games course, I embarked on creating my very first Hero Prop project: a retro TV. At this stage, I was just starting to grasp the intricacies of proper texturing in Substance Painter and familiarizing myself with the software's functionalities. This project holds a special place of pride for me, as it not only challenged me to enhance my skills in Substance Painter but also significantly improved my overall understanding of establishing an effective workflow to craft a high-quality hero asset.

Concept images for the Retro TV.

CRT/VCR Filter For Substance Painter by Cem Tezcan.

Game image for screen is Super Mario Bros. 2

Special thanks to supervisors and my classmates who helped to support and guide me throughout the toughest school terms I've ever done in my life. I feel proud to be a TTO student, and it's only onward and upward from here!

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