Sparky Veggie - School Short Animated Movie

Sparky Veggie - School Short Animated Movie

Amandine Brouillard
by amandinebrouillard on 27 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

We are a team of 6 students in 3D animation and to finalize our bachelor, we must produce this year a 4 minutes short film. Sparky, a vegetarian wandering zombie, discovers some of his peers dying of starvation in an abandonned city. Saddened by this sight, he is looking for a solution.

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School Short Animated Movie "Sparky Veggie"

Amandine Brouillard :
- Modeling Environment
- Rendering
- Lighting
- Compositing

Antoine Sabourin : 
- Character Modeling
- Surfacing 

Tavenissa Gire : 
- Kitchen Surfacing
- Cloth
- Hair

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 Collaborators: Tavenissa Gire and Antoine Sabourin