Moya's Art Hoard

Moya's Art Hoard

Moya Hoard
by moya on 30 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hello there! My name is Moya Hoard! Here are some projects I've worked on in my first year of learning 3D at Gnomon! I had so much fun with these and I hope you do too! Thanks for stoppin' by :D

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Better Left Unscene

original concept  (sound on )


This is my first environment using Unreal Engine. Since I enjoy the horror genre, I wanted to pay tribute to that. The main foreground assets were modeled and textured by me. I used Quixel Megascans to fill in the background and create the floor and walls. All decals are from Quixel.

The camera movement was hand keyframed, however, I used blueprints to create a basic camera shake. Because I had no reference of a POV shot of someone plummeting through a roof, and I had no desire to recreate that in real life, I referenced a video I found on YouTube of a compilation of Ethan Winters, a Resident Evil character, falling. I remixed sound effects I found online, and synced them up to fit my skit, which really bumped up the realism. I used Premiere Pro for this. Editing the render was such a fun process!

Below is another skit, minus the fall through the ceiling.

This was my original concept for my scene. It all started out with a quick blockout in Maya.

These are all my main assets. The process for the majority of them are modeling in Maya and texturing in Substance Painter. The focal point, the chair, was a project of its own.

Unassuming Chair

original concept

I consulted Pinterest and took inspiration from vintage dentist chairs.  They tend to have a more organic silhouette. This emphasizes it as the focal point among the surrounding geometric shapes in my scene. The outdatedness and abnormality of the chair contributes to the creepiness factor as well. 

My process consisted of creating a blockout model in Maya, bringing that to ZBrush to sculpt over, baking the highs to the lows in Marmoset, and ultimately texturing it all in Substance Painter. 

The Hoardinator

original concept


As a zombie apocalypse fan, or someone who enjoys experiencing these scenarios from the comfort of my own home, I wanted to create the ultimate weapon. From a laser-guided slingshot, to an electrified shovel blade, the Hoardinator has multiple functionalities and will definitely get the job done. Despite the weapon's violent services, I wanted the concept to be whimsical and fun! I took to referencing assets from "Dying Light", as they have really creative and vibrant designs.

In my concept stage, I find it best to start as simple as possible using silhouettes. This allows me to focus solely on the form. I make sure to break up straight edges with more organic shapes, such as cables and knobs.

I created the shovel head by bringing in the base models of the blade and the saw from Maya, and importing them to Zbrush to combine and sculpt on the welds. I then used the Quad Draw tool in Maya to create the low poly, and baked it in Marmoset Toolbag. The wraps were done in a similar way, although I kicked out a low poly as well for the parts with more height to retain the information of the silhouette. All red areas were baked down onto low polys.

And that's a wrap!  Thanks for visiting! :D I hope you liked my stuff! 

Here's more if anyone's interested :] Thanks!

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