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Various modeling works from 2018-2019

Various modeling works from 2018-2019

by cfassiau on 11 Mar 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

When I was a student, at the HEAJ (Belgium), I had no time to practice or work for something else than the school project. When we finished this one (La Petit Odyssée), I almost instantly got to the world of work. I managed to find some time after work to practice some softwares as Maya, Substance Painter and Zbrush.

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This is a shot of the short film we did with a couple of other students for our last year at school. The short film is called "La Petite Odyssée". It can be found on vimeo (link below)

I added two process views, because with the 3D modeling, I also did the compositing of the images.

The two spaceships are 2 personal projects. Both made one after the other. That was my first work after/during school, not related to school. I was and am still learning.
This first is made from a concept art from Brandon Orden, and the second is inspired by the ships in Halo.

This is "Singularity". The first work of 2019. Kind of happy about it, even if I didnt have much time to do it.

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