8 months of learning, and what remains…

8 months of learning, and what remains…

by SebastianCabrera on 27 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

I welcome you to my portfolio, which I have been working on for the past half year, hope you like it :)

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My beginning

Hi! I'm Sebastián Cabrera, and this is my first year at School-ing.

As you go further, you will find all my works through this year in order in which it was done. I'm so excited about what I can do with my new skills in 3D. 

I tried to choose projects with a certain danger and risk while I'm in School-ing, so I could learn from each one of them and become a better artist.

First Project, Exterior render

This project is located in Angostura, Chile and the architect who designed it was Juan Pablo Ureta.

I chose this project because I love the dessert environment and the ilumination capacity that it gives to the landscape.

One of the things I did that I liked a lot were making the vegetation and the mood of the desserted environment.

Second Project, Interior

This project is located in Brazil, and the architects are Pascali Semerdjian.
One of the things that I wanted to show were the coziness that I experienced while I saw the references making it noticed by the kind of ilumination that I set.

Small break to show you one of the props I modeled for this project.

Photo inspiration by Federico Cedrone's Knoll #5 project.

Third Project, Retail

This project is located in Miami Beach, United States, and it's designed by Studio Arthur Casas.
In this one, I tried to risk a lil more.
I did not know where to begin in terms of the 3d modelling, because i had two main problems.
The first one, was how I was gonna build the bricks around the retail, I tried rail clone and some other ways, but after trying for a bit, i spread boxes with array. Then I exploded those boxes into elements. Besides, I exchanged them with the final model.
Another problem I had, was that i had to make all those bricks into proxies and it took me a while because i had to do it through sections.
And the last, and in my opinion the worst of them, were how to see the process through the interactive render. It was pretty hard to light the scene.

Fourth Project, Contest

This one was my very first contest project, so I was a little bit worried about it. I summarized a lot of references and I really like those  renders that have a nocturnal aura so, I tried to capture that inside my project.

Fifth Project, Contest 2

This project is still on Draft1, so i'll make some changes.

The idea of this renders are to make three images as different as possible. I got the building model and I tried to give it more variety to the project as viable. I also tried one render using only 3D (the first one), another with a balance between 3D and matte painting (second) and the last one only using matte painting.

And for this last render, I have two different versions.

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