Environment Modelling - Showreel (The Colour Thief)

Environment Modelling - Showreel (The Colour Thief)

by muzammilm on 11 Mar 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

This was a year long masters project that i worked on at the Animal Logic Academy. I was responsible for managing the modelling department and setting up the workflow. collaborating with other departments to deliver high quality shots that meets the visions of the creative, VFX and technical lead.

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I was responsible for modelling/unwrapping the hero assets, leading the environment modelling team, reviewing work and giving feedback. 

Shot Description:

Tunnel Modelling : Muhammad Muzammil

Tunnel Texturing and Lighting : Miriam BowieJohnson

Courtyard Lighting: Alexis oConnor

Fountain Modelling: Muhammad Muzammil

Fountain Textures: Yucheng Jiang

Church Modelling: Muhammad Muzammil

Church Lighting: Jemima Blackman

Church Texturing: Ailisha Sabalburo

Creative Lead: Chris Ebeling

VFX Lead: Matt Estela

Technical Lead: Daniel Flood

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