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The Golden Cell

The Golden Cell

by eloise on 24 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Here is my first 3D character, create for a project school. Hope you like it! :)

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Hi! Here is the first 3D concept I create from A to Z, from chara-design to 3D production. I invite you to follow my reflection on the creation of this character :

Like every beginning of a project, I go hunting for ideas on what is commonly called "Pinterest". I really wanted to experiment and get out of my comfort zone and some very colorful illustrations caught my attention.  

Color is often used to aboard joyful or fun themes, but pushing it to an extreme can be disturbing or uncomfortable. This observation was then the starting point of my first sketches.

The idea of a golden cell came to my mind and I started to draw a queen. In my research, I also realized how colorful the 60s and 70s were, so I took iconic elements from these years and mixed them with Renaissance codes. It was important for me to think outside the box and classic beauty standards: 

According to tales, a beautiful young queen often has long hair, luscious lips, and fine features. All right! So I'll give her short hair, a big nose, and dark circles under her eyes!

This how I end up with this character. :)

60s: the makeup, the green dress, yellow tights, pumps, collared pullover, flowers, and round forms.

Renaissance: tights ( for kings !), puff sleeves and shorts, silk material, pleated fabrics, low and square neckline

I was pretty satisfied with my first drawing so I started my technical drawings, and create the 3D base of my Queen.

The first steps were a bit scary, I thought my 2D drawings couldn't really be translated into 3D. But it ended up working well.

I tried for the first time Marvelous designer. I have always been interested by clothes and fashion so it was a fun step but not simple to approach.

Here is a turn of my queen in progress :

And finally my final result !! :)

PS: I am currently working as a team on our graduation short film, and surprise! : My concept is used as a starting point for our script and art direction.

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