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A look through my progression

A look through my progression

by RomainFerrandez on 23 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Welcome to a small summary of the projects I was able to realize during my schooling at ESMA. From organic, to 3d tracking or green screen, each project brought me new skills !

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-Digi Double- Realistic Self Portrait

This is my very first digital double. It took 5 months to complete this project. The scan of my head was done with Agisoft Megascan. The stitch was made on Photoshop with cross polarized pictures of my skin. I've projected XYZ maps with 3ds WRAP and adjusted on Mudbox. Groom made using xgen core and interactive. Rendered with Renderman. This was a very interesting and rewarding project, one of my favorite school project.

                                Wireframe - Occlusion - Subsurface - Direct Specular

                                                                          Some close-ups

                                                                Compositing Breakdown

                                                             The Stitch made in Photoshop

                                      Some of the photos i used for the photogrammetry.

-Camera Tracking-

Here is a 3D tracking exercise in which we had to integrate a 3D object in a video sequence. I'm quite happy with the final result, I hope you'll like it. The fountain was rendered with Renderman on Maya. Compositing with Nuke, Texturing with Quixel Mixer.

                                                                   Work scene on NukeX

|Green Screen|

Another school project. In this one we had to experiment green screen keying on Nuke.

                                                                       Work scene on NukeX

[INSECT] Golofa Porteri - Lookdev

Here is a Golofa Porteri, a cute colored beetle ! This is a school project (ESMA) that took me 3 months. The goal was to discover Xgen and practice organic modeling.

                                                                   PureRef Template

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