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CHASSEUR DE FRISSONS- 3rd Year Short Movie

CHASSEUR DE FRISSONS- 3rd Year Short Movie

Hi everyone, this is our 3rd-year final project at ESMA. It was directed by Hindha Koné, Marie-Lou Peyre, Aglaée Pons, Mariette Pons, Nolwenn Queval and Éloïse Vacher. In an old manor, a ghost hunter is looking for the ghost of Brigitte, the former resident of the place...

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The short movie is about a fake ghost hunter who encounters the fake ghost of Brigitte, his assistant. The fake ghost isn't aware that he has to jump from the window to recreate the death of the real Brigitte. He is encouraged to jump by his boss, the short-tempered ghost hunter, Steve.

Here are some pre-production steps of our project! 

These are our characters, Steve and Fake Brigitte. Steve is the show presenter of "Chasseur de Frissons" aka. Chills Hunter. He is dynamic, charismatic, and a control freak. Fake Brigitte aka. the assistant is a young man pretending to be a ghost for the show. He is insecure and clumsy.

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