Malespine Harold - Concept Art 2022-2023

Malespine Harold - Concept Art 2022-2023

Malespine Harold
by MalespineHarold on 23 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hi ! I'm a student in concept art at New3dge and i would like to share with you my work i did during my first year and I hope you will enjoy your visit.

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Crater launching site

This sci-fi environment was done during Danar Worya's class.

Here you are in front of a gargantuan installation flown over  by a squadron.

It is an interplanetary missile deployment base.

The Delicious Bakery

It is not without a bit of French cliché that we continue on the environment, this one is more dedicated to architecture.

Victor is an adorable dinosaur who relieves his constant stress by making macarons.

The bakery is not very accessible but the smell of pastries works wonders in the Valley of donuts.

Thanks to Paul Riebe for his feedback during the week.

Tatooine black market

The following images were made on Unreal 5 during Jama Jurabaev's course.

Character Design

Icari with Oscar Römer
Neo-Medic with Arnaud Valette

Lets take a break from the environment and look at some of the characters I worked on this year. 

The Salamander Inn

This work is a little out of the ordinary, it's a work I did during my second general year at new3dge in 2021. No macaron-loving dinosaurs on the horizon but a design that I think belongs in my publication.

The design was made during Leo Gouvert's class.

Various works during the year 

In the following order 

Architectural design "Naga's Forge" with Aurélien Fournier

Gun design "1O5TER" with Wouter Gort

Character design "Apsara" with Choro Choi

Harlem's Mayhem

With a lot of inspiration from my childhood games ( NFS MW 2005 ) i did this keyframe applying the process of Léa Pinto.

The forbidden ritual

In a crypt hidden from all eyes, a strange ritual takes place.

I did this one during Max Schiller's class.

The everlasting foundries 

Based on a rocky peak, these foundries use the magma chamber of the Ourukot Volcano to forge precious alloys.

This keyframe was done during Richard Anderson's course


Having already familiarized myself with VR before Iris Mundy's Cours, I took the opportunity to look into design.

This Radéon model is a flying wing capable of flying into high orbit. Both sporty and luxurious, the Manta RS is the brand's high-end model.

This year was rich in exchange and learning. I tested many different ways of doing things and I would like to thank all the speakers who greatly helped us as well as all my classmates.

I hope you enjoyed this visit of my portfolio! 

 if so do not hesitate to express your appreciation :)

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