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Concept Art and Design works from 2022/2023.

Concept Art and Design works from 2022/2023.

Maël Martin
by MaelMartin on 22 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hello there guys ! I'm a concept artist named Maël Martin , I'm from the most beautiful country in the world (France) and I'm living in Paris. I'm currently studying at New3dge Concept art with a lot of awesome people. I hope you'll enjoy my hard work made this year, cheers !

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This year was an amazing experience for me, I learned a ton thanks to my school (New3dge Concept art), and the artists that were guiding us during the projects. Without forgeting my friends and classmates what were a huge support during the year. Here are the projects I have done at New3dge in 2022/2023 and that I like the most, and you will find personal paintings and studies at the end.

NEW3DGE CA1 2023 work

Realistic concept arts and designs (environments) :

District 974 (Environment design/keyframe)

District 974 is a Environment design/keyframe project I did under the amazing direction of Richard Anderson. For the final image my goal was to create a visual that can show the design in a cinematic way like I often do. 

This huge scientific research station is named like this because of the 974 work departments there's in it.

Destructive Mine facility (environment design)

Here’s a Sci-Fi environment design/keyframe done under Danar Worya's direction.

My task was to do a Mine colony, so I decided to go for a huge one, digging into the ground in circle with a big control center on top. They are extracting this luminous green ore to power their facility, refine it and then export it to use it as a main material for ships and buildings constructions. This ore is extracted by big elevators.

The Witch Queen throne room (Environment design)

This project was made under Max Schiller's awesome direction, I learned a ton in this class again. 

The task was to make a religious interior set in a fantasy world, but Max was open to very different ideas, so I came up with a fantasy horror world. The witch queen of the underworld welcomes this dwarf master who comes to free his friends imprisoned by the servants of the sovereign.

Exotic volcanic Planet/ The chicha city (Star Wars keyframes)

For this project I learned UE5 thanks to the help of Jama Jurabaev, with a Star Wars theme project for my biggest pleasure.

Jama showed us the possibilities of using UE5 for concept art with kitbashing (BigMediumSmall, Sketchfab...) and 3D real time. It was a very interesting and a fun way of working, almost like a DoP. I did quite a lot of paint over and color correction/grading in photoshop and I practiced my cinematographic skills a lot on this project. 

The task was to do a Star Wars grand bazaar, and I wanted to design a town on a tropical volcanic planet. Even though I didn't do a lot of modeling, I still had to design the whole neighborhood and the way the city was made. It's also inspired by Santorini. People come here for the most awesome chichas in the galaxy ! We follow this little droid who’s a rebel spy.

Composition sketches. (Environment keyframes)

This is something I always love to do during my creative process, and here we were free to explore a lot of different stuffs under Simeon Schnaffer's direction. I've done a ton of different sketches with various subjects using only 2d and 3d plus 2d . 

Jurassic Park inspired keyframes 

Jurassic Park was one of my childhood movies and it's still something I love. So working with Bimpe Alliu from ILM on these was a great time and I still learned a lot. Practicing photobashing in this project was very refreshing, especially since I used a lot of my own photos.

Stylized concept arts and designs (environments) :

Red teeth Island (Color scripts)

It was an amazing experience to learn from Nathan Fowkes with this project. We were task after 3 days listening to Nathan experience and doing exercices, to do at least 14 images on our own, in 5 days. These images were meant to be made quick to form a color script, based on either : our own story or emotions. I chose to do a personal story that i wanted to do for a long time, about a fancy pirate boss and his gang in a fantasy world.

Panam by night (keyframe painting)

 I wanted something looking cinematic like always. So I went with my camera in my neiborhood in Paris by night to capture a lot of references that helped me a lot to do this final artwork. I was under the great guidance of Léa Pinto for this painting class. It was a blast and it helped me a lot to progress.

We also made a lot of studies before jumping into this final artwork. Here are some I did :

Mood Paintings (environment painting).

The goal was to make a nature focus environment, and showcase different moods of this environment.

I had a really great time practicing my painting skills, changing the mood was pretty challenging but thanks to Etienne Hebinger’s amazing guidance on this project we did it !

Characters :

characters are not my main focus but here are some I made this year :

Stylized street wear characters 

Those were done during Lucile Meunier's class about character painting

Fantasy Character Designs

I learned a ton following Oscar Romer's character design class where we were task to design a fantasy cursed hero and the god that cursed him/her.

Modern/ Sci-Fi Character design for VFX

We had the chance to have Arnaud Valette who has a lot of experience in the movie industry to guide us to design a military medic character in a modern/ sci fi world. It was a very interesting and refreshing process that leaded to this result for me.


Thank you for cheking it out, hope you liked it ! Thanks to my friends for the feedbacks and help during the year.

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