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Amandine Patte _ 2023 concept art work

Amandine Patte _ 2023 concept art work

Amandine Patte
by Amandine on 21 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hello there! I'm a french concept art student at New3dge, in Paris :) I'm happy to share with you some of the work I did during my first year in the concept art course, enjoy!

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This will mostly contain works I've done during my first year at New3dge concept art, as well as a little thing I did on my free time. I hope you will enjoy my work, and thanks a lot for cheking it out ! :)

The desert scientist

"In a world devastated by global warming, mutations and viruses are suddenly appearing. A militia has risen to fight, but some people seem to prefer admiring the evolution of this new world to find answers."
This work was done during Choro Choi character design course, I really loved creating this character as a first project of this sort!

The corruption

"In search of power and honor, Icaro was determined to give everything for glory. This did not escape the sight of the God of nature, Bloom, who saw in this man an opportunity."
Another character this time from a course with Oscar Römer, where we had to design a god and a warrior linked to nature. 

27 portraits done during an assignement week after a course with Lucile Meunier.

A few landscapes done during a mood painting course with Etienne Hebinger, where we had to try different seasons and moment of the day.

An old library

"Something is hiding in the shadow.. Maybe it would be wise to turn back"
A keyframe realized for Max Schiller two weeks course, where I really  learned a lot about compositing and composition.

Really got inspired to do a creature in VR in Iris Muddy course! This little guy here is a mix of some animals I love.
Managing to create one in VR was definitely an awesome experience!

The gent-owl-man

I will finish with a character I did on my free time, mixing some of my favourite sources of inspirations, which are mostly nature, animals and old fashion. Really got me inspired to start some stories and other characters from the same universe!

A big thank you for everyone who went this far ! And of course I would like to thank all of my teachers and classmates for this incredible year, I never thought I would learn so much in a few months, and it's thanks to all of them !

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