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Giacomo Cervi
by PaulVarious on 23 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

With great pleasure I present you my second entry for THE ROOKIE AWARDS 2023. Check out the whole post to discover the key steps in creating this digital fashion piece! Hope you like it!

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Hello everyone! My name is Giacomo aka Paul Various. 

This is my second entry for The Rookie Awards 2023, representing BigRock Istitute of Magic Technologies. (Find the first one on my profile)

Check out the whole post to discover my working process and how I made this piece!

I created this dress as a project during my master in CG at BigRock Insitute of Magic Technologies. For this work I decided to take inspiration from the techwear clothing and style.

I kicked off my work with an extensive search for references, drawing inspiration from various sources. These references, combined with the visions I have in my mind, serve as a foundation for my work.

The modeling was done entirely in Marvelous Designer (even the parts that look stiff like the buckles).

I started with the general shapes. Once these were completed, after checking that everything was working correctly, I began to modify them adding the various details such as straps, elastic parts, pockets, gloves, buttons, etc..

The most complex part was not creating a particular piece of fabric itself but rather being able to find a coherence between all the parts of the model in order to make it both functional and good looking.

The materials for the various types of fabric were created in Substance Designer. I then assigned the various physical properties to these directly inside Marvelous based on the result I wanted to achieve. 

For the straps and buckles, instead, I used textures that I had previously prepared in Photoshop.

Once the outfit was completed I created the walking simulation inside Marvelous Designer, making sure that everything was working correctly.

I then exported it into Maya where I prepared the scene for the final render sequence.

For the render I used Arnold experimenting with different settings and lightings until I got the desired result.

After that I composited the various maps diffuse, specular, sss, zdepth and the background in Photoshop and After Effects. 

A huge shout out to my teachers at BigRock for their support and guidance throughout the all process.

If you want to check out my other works don’t esitate to visit my Artstation profile.

Thanks to everyone!

All the best, Paul Various

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