Marvin Hillmann - Concept Art 2023

Marvin Hillmann - Concept Art 2023

Marvin Hillmann
by marvinhillmann on 20 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Good morning! My name is Marvin and I am a 23 year old Concept Artist from Germany currently studying at New3dge Concept Art in Paris! I love creating new Worlds and designing interesting Environments! I am pleased to show you guys my first year of work. Hope you like it!

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The Monastery and the Chapel

Two architecture Designs I did during the course with Richard Anderson.

Cave of the forgotten Dragons

A Project done during the course with Max Schiller!
It's an ancient breeding place of the long forgotten civilization of Dragons. It is protected by old remaining Families who act as Guardians of the Place. They are protecting and praying to the only Egg left in tact, hoping that one day their destroyed Civilization will raise to power together with the Dragons once again.

Ocean Base

A Sci-Fi Base design I did during the Workshop with Danar Worya.
The Base is designed around the Idea that it's located on a newly populated Water planet with liveable space beneath the Water! They use the Planets habitat to extract hydraulic energy and fuel the City below.

Underground Desert City

Star Wars based Keyframes I did inside Unreal Engine 5 during the course with Jama Jurabaev!

Seafood Macaron Shop

For this class with Paul Riebe we had to Design a difficult to reach Shop. I thought of a Seafood Macaron Shop hidden away in a Beach alcove, only reachable by ship or hiking through the Mountain and afterwards some climbing action along the fishing nets which are serving as ladders.

Siberian Train Compartment

Old Siberian Train Compartment repurposed to a shelter during the nuclear winter, done during the course with Bart Tchorzewski!

Raptor Family

Jurassic Park inspired scene I did in the course with Bimpe Alliu!

Personal painting practice

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my work!

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