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Lethal Wipeout

Lethal Wipeout

For our 3rd year final project we had 6 weeks of production to make a short film of 25 seconds in a team of 3 renderers and 3 animators. The theme was: TV Zapping. We had to pick a TV Program and make a parody of it. We chose to parody a french obstacle tv game and make it a bit more complicated...

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Here is an overview of our main references concerning characters, assets, stylisation and rendering.

Here are some character researches and the 2D Concepts including their color-kit to help us switch from 2D to 3D.

In order to have an overview of the different shots and their progress, we proceeded to a storyboard.

We also made 2D concepts of keyshots of our Sets made with Procreate and Photoshop.

Once the Pre production was done we had 6 weeks to produce our short film.

We started by Modeling both the Characters and the Assets using Maya and Zbrush.
After the modeling phase was completed, the Renderers started Texturing with Substance Painter and the Animators started Rigging.

Here are the character's rig.

Here are the character's lookdev.

After that the Renderers took care of the Lighting with Renderman and the Animators of the Animation in Maya.

Here are some versions of our short film edited with DaVinci Resolve: Wireframe, Playblast, Final Render.

Finally here are some Compositing Breakdowns made with Nuke.

I hope you enjoyed our short film and the process,  we had a lot of fun making it!


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