19;26 Pillars of Salt - Genesis, Daniel

19;26 Pillars of Salt - Genesis, Daniel

by MingChi on 18 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

This work is my final thesis for my master degree. The main source of inspiration is the 19th verse 26 of the Bible, the destruction of Sodom. The work contains a character, a creature, a mount, and four environments. https://www.artstation.com/cmajore

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19;26 Genesis, Daniel
Pillar Of Salt

In 1612 BC. It seems that all the survivors in the city have died, so no one knows exactly what happened. All you can see is the city and sky covered in salt and a huge pillar of salt falling from the sky. The magnificent city of Sodom has been destroyed by the curse of salt, and basically, all plants and creatures are eroded by the 'salinosis'.

The Bible, Genesis 19:26 inspire the story's background. God destroyed the sinful city of Sodom with fire, and Lot's wife, Ado was deified into a pillar of salt. One hundred years after Ado became a salt heap, people gradually forgot about the fire brought by God, leaving only the ruins of the salt and the refugees all over the ground. These refugees are also not natives of Sodom City, so they did not know the cause of the city's destruction and the cause of the "salinization disease" and could only pray that they would survive. The pilgrim is also an outsider, and the story revolves around this great explorer.

Prologue - "Gabriel and the Angels"

This work is designed for my graduate students, inspired by chapter 19, verse 26 of Genesis in the Bible. The aftermath of the destruction of Sodom.
In the pre-work part, I plan to simply depict the appearance of the angel. His appearance should be distant, holy, and majestic.

Chapter 1 - "The Pilgrim"

As the protagonist of the story, I want him to be a silent one. According to the epic of the pilgrims, always silent and pious, they marched on foot to unknown holy places.

Chapter 2 - "The Lion of Glory"

A lion-shaped human is imprisoned at the bottom of Sodom's Divide Tower.

'' Blood was dripping all over his abdomen, and liquid gold was burning his face forever. The army on the field is invincible because the lion bears their pain. ''

Chapter 3 - "The Pilgrim's War Horse"

''It seemed as taciturn as its rider, and seemed to have no eyes beneath its armour. ''

Chapter 4 - "The Divide Tower of Sodom"

''The tower was built after the city of Sodom was destroyed. Such a precise curvature does not seem to be a product of human beings. Rumour has it that it was carved from Gabriel's Judgment Lance. ''

Chapter 5 - "Inside the divide Tower of Sodom"

''Saltification has covered the ground, and whenever a pilgrim comes in seeking answers, the lion will make them light a candle. ''

Chapter 6 - "The Great Wall of Gomorrah"

''When there was no news of its neighbour Sodom, the residents of Gomorrah devoutly built a huge city wall. Unfortunately, salinization will not stop, salinization will never stop, and salinization will erode everything. ''

Chapter 7 - "The Divide Tower of Gomorrah"

''When salinization came to people unstoppably, the sad thing is that humans still think that building the divide Tower can let God see their own piety. ''

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