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Flavio Díaz
by Flavius on 23 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

I want to show you an old project I started with friends and sadly couldn't be finished. I was in charge of the art and some other things like animations. Although it's not playable, I hope you enjoy some of the material and its process.

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Mr.Thready is a hand-drawn point'n click game. Set in an abandoned factory in the 50's, we take the role of a small voodoo doll that wakes up in the middle of this mysterious and huge place, where you will have to solve many puzzles and find out about your true origin.

Sewing Box

The first place where we wake up as a voodoo doll is a sewing box in the middle of an abandoned factory. The idea was to create the feeling of a place rotten into oblivion, surrounded by dead bodies, reinforcing the idea of a cemetery or scrapyard. Being the place where we come back to life, I wanted to highlight a high contrast between light and darkness, supporting the idea of leaving behind the underworld and death on the way to the light (hope), which indicates the way and the first goal of the game.

Sewing Machines

The old work area with endless rows of sewing machines. From the first concept, the idea was to have a view from which we could see the rows of machines in depth, since this allowed us to play with a nice parallax effect. Secondly, the intention was to create a good sense of immensity of the factory, leaving a large margin of background on the left so that the player could appreciate it. 

Inside the sewing machine

Another environment I thought it was interesting to share, as it had quite a lot of documentation work about the operation of a sewing machine from the 50's. We needed the inside of the machine to be functionally plausible and at the same time a space where the character could move around. It was quite fun and laborious, since each piece had to be animated on Spine2D, as these would be dangerous obstacles for the character to overcome by solving puzzles.

Peddler (inside the walls)

For this area I wanted to convey that the inside of the walls looked like a dark alley on the suburbs of a city. I put special effort in creating a good composition for this environment, since the camera is static and allowed me to create a balanced asymmetry highlighted by the vertical light in the background. I used references from movies like "The Borrowers" or "Arrietty" to "Blade Runner".

Some other levels

Here are a few more environments I would like to add, ranging from tailor's boxes to spider's nests. All made with a lot of detail inspired by hundreds of references on elements of the 50's, sewing tools and abandoned factories among others.

To finish, here are some art for social network and illustrations planned to be included in the game environment.

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