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Je m'incruste chez vous

Je m'incruste chez vous

Hi everyone, this is my last project in 3 months. We parodied the French program "J'irai dormir chez vous". Directed by Matteo Llorens, Maelys Sabuco, Mélodie Carn, Louis Herrero, Emeline Guidé et Ariane Moulard. In a remote village our character is getting ready to sleep at a stranger’s house...

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Here are some insights into our preproduction :

Some of our main references

We developed a storyboard as well as colors scripts to have a better vision of what we were going to achieve

We recreated our characters and did research for the difficulties of 3D switching

And some research on the scenery with the creation of the 2D keyshot of our film

We then went to the 3D stage and recreated the characters with the following soft: Zbrush, Substance, Maya and Renderman

Here are some examples of our Lookdev and Rig characters

Some different variations of our editing with the playblast, wireframe and final rendering with the credits

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