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Castlevania Fan Art

Castlevania Fan Art

A school project made with our nine people team. We worked on a remake of Castlevania : Curse of darkness .

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Castlevania Fan-Art

Curse of darkness remake

For this year we have to do a video game project with our nine team student .

The goal was to create a remake of Castlevania : Curse of Darkness with a realistic style target. we were three environment artist, four chara artist and two tech/fx Artist .

Second environment : Dracula's castle Corridor

Third environment : Dracula's castle - Boss Arena

Hector, the Devil Forgemaster

The hero of the game, who was for a long time an evil blacksmith in the service of Dracula. However, he betrayed the latter and caused his death. He gave up his power three years ago but will reverse his decision when his wife is accused of being a witch and burned. Greedy for revenge towards the responsible, Isaac, he returns to Wallachia where Dracula lived. Unfortunately to satisfy his revenge he must regain his status as a demonic blacksmith.

Julia Laforeze

A witch who escaped the stake. She’s a merchant for Hector and she’s also Isaac’s sister. Yet she wants Hector to kill him to free him from Dracula’s curse.

Dracula Vlad Ţepeş

Dracula, the dark lord of castlevania. He is the final boss of this universe.

Originally a human called Mathias Cronqvist, Dracula fell into madness after the death of his first wife and became an immortal vampire thanks to the powers of the Crimson Stone. With his dark powers, he built an army of creatures and his fortress, Castlevania.

Trevor Belmont

A character who fights vampires for generations. He returned to Wallachia when he heard about an evil blacksmith. Will he be an ally of Hector or destroy him ?

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