Plum Movie

Plum Movie

Balkis HADRA
by balkishadra on 14 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Drama short movie for all audiences. Duration : 6 minutes. Music composed by Eunji Yu. Sound effects by Le Studio des Aviateurs. Directed by 6 students from ESMA Luana Bertelli, Nicolas Delabeye, Balkis Hadra, Angèle Lopez, Pierre Masclaux, Nolan Michel

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When Plum hatches from his egg, the little dinosaur is not ready for the universe in which he was born. Carefree and mischievous, he roams around, watched by a dragonfly. However, his innocence is shattered when he makes a terrible discovery about his world…

The development of the central protagonist, named Plum, necessitated an extensive creative process. The concept of our film revolved around a dinosaur and an egg; however, we faced the challenge of defining its genre. After exploring several options, ranging from comedy to drama, we eventually settled on a character design that embodied our vision - a charming, bumbling, and inquisitive little dino.

As we progressed through the creative process, we gained clarity on the story we aimed to convey and the themes we desired to explore. As a result, the environment took shape, characterized by a unique blend of youthful foliage and decomposed skeletal remains.

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