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Shrine in an Infrastructure Forest| UE5

Shrine in an Infrastructure Forest| UE5

Rainy Wu
by rainnovel on 11 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

I am happy to share my term 3 project at Vertex School!

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This is my Term 3 project at Vertex School. It is a shrine located in an infrastructure forest. The original concept art is by the amazing Adrien Girod It grabbed my attention at first glance so I decided to make it.

While I was creating the environment, the game “Stray” was just out. Its atmosphere and style really are what I was looking for, therefore, lots of reference is taken from it to create this piece of work.

The shrine was texturing with mask, it’s my first time using mask for texturing. Trimsheet and tileable texture were used in the big pipes and cables. Vertex paint was used for the wall and floor. All models made in Maya, texturing in Substance Painter and Quixel Mixer, rendering in UE5.

A big thanks to my mentor Jacob Claussen for giving lots of useful advices and support throughout the whole process!

Shrine Wood Texture with RGB Mask

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