Yuu's world || 2D Character and Environment Concept Design

Yuu's world || 2D Character and Environment Concept Design

Doan Thu Nguyen
by whippyberry on 11 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

This project shows the concept art of the main character Yuu, as well as other characters and the setting of the story.

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                                           Brainstorming character ideas for potential themes

From the sketches, I chose 4 themes that resonated with me the most for more in-depth development.

                                                                 Chosen theme 1: Forest Guardians

                                                                Chosen theme 2: Celestial Beings

                                                                 Chosen theme 3: Electric Creatures

                                                               Chosen theme 4: Food Animals

                  From these designs, I chose the best design that I think was the most unique.                                                                                               

                                                                                  This is Yuu

      A cosmic sea angel born from an ancient ritual perfomed by the citizen of the Moon.

               Despite his childish behaviour, he is crowned as  the  Prince of the Moon.

                                                                     Yuu is around 20cm tall.

      CHARACTER CONCEPT                         DEVELOPMENT

                                    Yuu's Turnaround Sheet + Colour Experimentations


                                                                        Yuu's Emotions Exploration

                                                                  Yuu's Costumes/Skins Exploration

                                                                     Yuu's Friend, Pet and Enemy
                                                                 (A thief, A sea slug, and a priest)

                                        Style Experimentations

                                                         Yuu in a different style (v.1): Digimon Tri.

                                        Yuu in a different style (v.2): The Amazing World of Gumball


 Same as the process of creating a character, I sketched out rough ideas for an ideal environment. 

These environment are all related to one of Yuu's characteristics (ocean-related)/home, or they are sceneries from a planet that Yuu visited while ditching his royal duties.

                                                                 Chosen theme 1: Sky islands

                            (The Moon's citizen homeland, only the royalties live on the Moon)

                                                           Chosen theme 2: By a body of water

                                                           (One of Yuu's favourite places to visit)

Based on Idea 10, Chosen theme 2, I created the revised version and finalized the space's colour and tone.

                                                                   (Yuu met a friend here.)

                                      (That friend is always anticipating for Yuu's next visit.)

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