Retro Record Player

Retro Record Player

Ari Bishop
by ArianaArt on 3 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

This project was for a university module where I got the creative freedom to choose what I wanted to do for second term. I decided to refine my skills in prop design and create a high detailed prop that I think would fit into Sarah's room from The Last of Us. I felt the record player suited her personality closely.

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Beginning with my research, I looked into how Naughty Dog created such highly detailed assets so that I could assess what made their models standout. From there I decided to look into Sarah's aesthetic and how her personality came through the things she collected in her bedroom. I looked at things like the music she enjoyed, the hobbies she seemed to like and the way she decorated her room. I then started to narrow down on the record player itself, thinking about the type I wanted to create and how I could incorporate the record player into Sarah's room. I found my personal record player to fit the vibe I had imagined for her so I used that as my main point of reference.

Using Substance Sampler for this project really allowed me to develop my skills with making my own textures and using reference to create them.

I decided to use a UDMI workflow for this prop to max out the resolution I could get from my UV's to get the most quality I could from the record player. These texture maps are all 4K resolution.

I really wanted to get Sarah's personality across with this record player by adding stickers of her favourite things around it. I also thought about the damage that it would have experienced over time such as worn stickers and text, bashed edges and dusty surfaces. Trying to make the record player as realistic as possible was my goal. I wanted the record player to feel like something you would see in Sarah's room in The Last of Us.

I used Unreal Engine to render all of images of the record player. I love how effortlessly you can get beautiful lighting by using Unreal Engine's lumen and raytracing, it's like magic.

To assist the record player I decided to create a small compact alternative version of Sarah's room. Instead of creating a replica of Sarah's original room I thought it would be interesting to see a different take on it. Seeing a gritty infectious covered version of the room interested me so I decided to bring those creative thoughts to life. All of the props and details were created by me except for some of the decals where I used Quixel and

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