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Alex Bush 2018/2019 Games Art

Alex Bush 2018/2019 Games Art

Alex Bush
by thedawnfury on 25 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

I have created a Star Wars pod racer, Georgian table and Robot Wars arena to showcase what I have produced in the last twelve months.

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Star Wars Podracer (Sebulba's Podracer)

Georgian Table

First-year university work for the Sebulba's podracer and Georgian table. I did the modelling, texturing, lighting and rendering of my 3d assets. The background was a screenshot from the Star Wars Episode one Phantom Menace film (Credited). 

Robot Wars Arena (Student Project only)

I did the modeling, texturing, artwork for the portraits, animation, particle effects for the fire, smoke, light emitting off Carbide's weapon and materials. I did NOT rig the character or model the character because I wanted to show my environment for the student project I did at college. The character was a default character in Unity. I did all the work myself last year. The video was evidence of my Robot Wars arena being tested and working. I credit the BBC series Robot Wars TV series for using the logos in my student project. Credit Unity game engine for using the character and third person camera in my game level.

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