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School project at ESMA, Lyon campus. The story of one clumsy programmer and his mother, which a team of 7 students was able to tell and implement in 2 months.

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Final movie

Our team is very grateful to you for watching this cartoon, we put all our love and energy into this project and we hope you like it!


The main goal of our animatiс was to see if we were able to depict our story in the limited time that the teachers gave us (20 seconds).
Moreover, the movements of the characters were drawn in as much detail as possible, so that later the animators would not have questions about what the movement or position of the characters in the frame should look like.

Concept art, storyboard, script, and animatics were created for this film in 1 month. And the development period of the cartoon continued for another 2 months until the final result.


The main characters are a French boy Jean who dreams of becoming a hacker and his caring mother Louise (sometimes too caring).




Final set illustration

The back of the room was completely modeled. To optimize the work and create a good environment in a short time, we used matte painting technology, where the texture of the room was drawn separately in a 2D format using gray 3D rendering. This was done so that later it would be possible to apply 3D lights to the room



The rigging process was pretty straightforward as we didn't need to add complex functionalities to the characters. The more interesting thing we did was to use Dynamic Curves for the hair strands and simulate the hair in Maya.

For more details, you can check the page of Alexandra Djeneva


We decided to make a one-room short movie with lighting changing two times ; the first change's made due to the mom arriving and opening the door. The second time, it changes because the mom opens the window. We rendered three different lightings and made transitions on nuke. Here's the second lighting. 

In comp, we used the Renderman AOVs to rebuild images and work on every plan. 


For the textures, we wanted a painted effect without shading. We used Substance to paint and stick to all concepts.


Clothes turn

Thank you for watching our short movie!

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