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Portfolio - Anton Van der Velden

Portfolio - Anton Van der Velden

Anton Van der Velden
by anton on 25 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

I want to showcase what I have been working on past 3 years at Digital Arts and Entertainment.

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This project is made for realtime performance in Unreal Engine. The scene depicts a viking-made altar to thank the gods for surviving a shipwreck. All textures except the rocks and the ground, are made in Substance Painter. The rocks and the ground are made with Unreal Material functions. 

This is my 3D interpretation of a concept by Eric Lacombe. I tried to imagine what his concept would look like in 3D and which materials would be used to resemble his concept. The sculpt is made in Zbrush, retopo in Maya and the textures are made in Substance Painter. Meant for realtime performance.

The two images above are rendered in Arnold.

For my graduation work I made a house generator in Houdini. This was my first time working with Houdini and it was tough experience, but also very interesting. The images are screenshots from an Unreal Engine project where I tested my tool for realtime performance.

These are some sculpts I made, I had a lot of fun making these, but I still have a lot to learn.

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