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Georgi - Concept Art 2023

Georgi - Concept Art 2023

Georgi Dimitrov Sugimoto
by Sugitrov on 22 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hello I’m Georgi Sugimoto! I'm currently finishing up the Adv Concept Art course at CG Spectrum. This is one of the main projects I've been working on where I challenged myself to focus on creating a cohesive world, and the different elements within it. Hope you enjoy stepping into the world of LUCID!

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"The characters were the first things I worked on for this project, and was what got me excited to explore more of the world. I usually like to bounce back and forth between sketching and research, and then jump into costume designing on a neutrally posed character where I can solely focus on the outfit. Afterwards, I play around with some different poses that I feel fits the personality best!"

"I took big inspiration from Captain Silver in Treasure Planet! One of the challenges with this character was showing his intimidating and soft side in just the concept sheet. With the addition of things like a small companion, I believe I was able to find a good middle ground!"

"This was one of the most recent pieces where I tackled a different workflow and relied more on the 3D sculpting side in Zbrush, and finalized it with a paintover in Photoshop!"

"After seeing some photo edits of animals with human teeth and how weird and unsettling they looked, I wanted to create something in the same vein.”  

"I used Blender and Zbrush for this environment piece. It was a fun challenge working with programs that I was unfamiliar with, while also keeping elements cohesive. With the help of planning done on the 2D side, I was quite happy with how things turned out. I also pushed myself to sculpt Nana from scratch, and was surprised with what I was able to accomplish!"

"Some rough location exploration to get my mind going on other ideas, and to get a better sense of what this world could be like."

"Further explorations of some of the previous thumbnails. I was imagining places like overrun encampments, desolate wastelands, and unstable areas where things seem to shift in and out of reality.”

Big thanks to my mentor Tyler James, everyone at CG Spectrum, and everyone in this community of artists that keep inspiring me to grow!

Really excited to see everyone's submissions :)

Thank you so much for your time!

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