My 2022-2023 journey

My 2022-2023 journey

Michalina Gąsienica-Laskowy
by Miszla on 29 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

A collection of all my works (and reworks) I did during 2022-2023. I'm an Environment Artist with a huge passion for Technical Art. This year was a great journey towards getting a better understanding of Unreal 5 tools. This engine together with Houdini is my favorite duo!

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Hi! I'm Michalina Gąsienica-Laskowy (though everyone calls me Miszla) and I'm currently studying at Howest DAE. I want to share a bunch of work with you that I made during last year, as well as some small reworks of pieces you might have already seen. Enjoy my last year's journey!



An environment made to showcase my procedural building tool. Concept by Roman Lutsenko.

The tool uses cubes as input, which are tagged either as "Building" or "Support". It looks for intersections between geometry, to determine if it's either a roof, wall, floor or a platform. All this information is processed to determine dependencies like: should supports be created, should it be a tilted roof or a balcony, can I spawn windows or support beams etc.

Rocks are Megascans assets with a custom material.

Assets created to be used by the tool and to further decorate the environment, as well as a planks texture made in Substance Designer.


An environment based on Darek Zabrocki's concept.

Almost all the assets are using a Material Layer System, to add a variety between the same models and hide repetition. The roof tiles use additional grunge maps on top.

Pieces I used to assemble the scene. Nature assets come from Megascans. You can find full breakdown here.

Start of the Apocalypse

Last year I took a generic pinterest wooden cabin interior design and decided to give it my own twist. This year I came back to after learning more about lighting and composition. It's really nice to see how different an environment can look after a year of improvement.

All the decoration assets come from free 3Dsky resources. Bed, cloth sheet, windows, and other structural assets were created by me.


I haven't made any new props this year, but I still really like how my old ones turned out and I decided to redo some renders.

Navy Antique Spyglass

Baguette Backpack

Based on concept by Braydan Barrett.

Honorable mention - Rippit

This year I had an opportunity to dive into a broad world of technical art. I created various small projects to tip my toes in different tech art subcategories. I wanted to show one which is especially close to my heart.

Rippit is a game designed, coded and dressed by me. The goal was to learn basics of blueprinting in Unreal. You can download and play it here! The cover art was made by Mari Gallet.

Thank you so much for reading through my entry! If you liked it, you can check out my socials for any future work I will make. Good luck on your own journey!

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