2019 WORK - Concept Art & Illustration

2019 WORK - Concept Art & Illustration

Albert Bednarski
by halfy on 27 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Hello, I am a student from Germany with a great passion for games. Throughout my studies I have programmed my own games and worked a lot on 3D Models, but lately I have come back to concept art. This is a selection of pieces I have created in 2019. More progress and WIPs on www.halfy.artstation.com

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As a huge fan of League of Legends, the game always had a really big Impact on my personal projects. I was always very driven by the "riot style" and its characters. Here is a recent series of personal works that have been most influenced by it.

PROJECT: Draven | League of Legends Fan Skin Concept

Wolf Yasuo | League of Legends & Sekiro Fan Skin Crossover Concept

Dark Souls 3 meets League of Legends: Gundyr Xin Zhao.

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