Tim van Galen - Character Design 2022-2023

Tim van Galen - Character Design 2022-2023

Tim van Galen
by TimvanGalen on 29 Mar 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

In this entry, you will hopefully see my love for drawing, crafting, and making my fantasy a reality! If you like to see more art like this. These are my links. Artstation https://www.artstation.com/timvangalenn Instagram https://www.instagram.com/timvangalen_art/

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The exhibition

Scurvy Harbor is a fictional world set thematically around the 1700’s in the golden age of piracy.

It's a world similar to our own, but it also is very different, people and animals have to endure extreme ebb and flow, which creates new natural phenomena. Like huge coral forests exposed by the ebb, huge sea monsters and sea people that have adapted to the extreme conditions. 

In the images below I'll show off the pieces I've made for Scurvy Harbor.

Captain Kraken, 

The cursed or gifted who knows? He is a legendary pirate who got cursed by a sea witch. Now He and his trustworthy companion the squid have a symbiotic relationship that they use to rule the High seas!

Stinky Steve,

He is a fish seller who also has been cursed to be merged with a squid. The squid and Steve don't get along very well and try to make each other's life miserable. His dealings with rotten fish aren't going too well...

Bloat Throat Terry,

Capturing whales for their bones and eyes is his job but what he loves, even more, is hunting down big sea creatures for his personal collection. He is one deadly bloke, with his spiky outside and toxic smoke breath he can take down any pirate and any creature that dares to challenge him.

Murk The Peg Leg Maniac,

Murk is a feared pirate! After losing his leg to a creature of the tides he made himself multiple peg legs one with fins and one with a gun. Now he roams the seas alone searching for ships to plunder and pirates to cut up into pieces!

Shining Shelly,

She is a beauty like no other. Loves expensive things like gold, pearls, and everything shiny! The dream of any pirate, to have a night with her alone...

Salty Samuel & Chef Seaside,

The two brothers run the most prestigious restaurant in Scurvy Harbor named Crab Monsieur! together they are the best team, Sam does the hunting, and butchering and Chef makes the amazing cuisine. Their best dishes are Sea Serpent Soup and Fresh Mermaid Meat.

The Piranha Lads,

Working for Salty Sam & Chef Seaside isn't an easy job, they are the busiest lads on the market. Serving their customers fast and with a big mouth!

The Battle For Pirate Glory,

Captain Kraken and Bloat Throat Terry have Been rivals for a very long time. As you can see this is a pivotal moment in one of their first battles. Who won? What will happen next?


Captain Kraken's ship - The Grand Serpent

Bloat Throat Terry's ship - The Puffy Pearl

Murk The Peg Leg Maniac's ship - The Barracuda


Weaponry of the main Characters

Example - Character design process

Example - Illustration/keyframe Process

Other Projects - TMNT re-design

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