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Sam Wu

Sam Wu

Samantha Wu
by samdwu on 25 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

A collection of my motion graphics work in the past year. Disclaimer: none of the following is paid, professional work

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Demo Reel 2019

A collection of my motion work created up to March 2019.

Song: Space Jam - Louis the Child

Viceland - Network Ident

All footage belongs to Viceland.

Although deceptively simple with its minimalistic color choice and font selection, Viceland’s branding knows how to make an impact. It’s all at once bold yet plain, “couture” yet craigslist, an art yet a service. This thoughtfulness and depth defines the network as it informs, punctuates, and delves deeper into simple ideas. My network ID plays with this intersection of opposing ideas. I aim to demonstrates the yin and yang of a brand so unique but also meant for the everyman.

Song: Here 4 U - Alison Wonderland x BLESSUS


OWSLA Branding - Audio Visualizer 

Audio visualizer + branding for OWSLA record label. Created for social media use but was also projected on side of a building.  

Song: Would You Ever - Skrillex x Poo Bear

Initial Styleframe

Sound Healing - Infographic

Infographic created on the practice of sound healing. I used simple, delicate imagery paired with typography to allow the audience to imagine themselves in the space. 


The Boy Scouts of Japan

In this Rube Goldberg inspired piece, anticipation builds as a ball sets off an obnoxiously elaborate chain of events. The machine culminates with a match setting off a cannon, revealed to be ran by the vigilante Boy Scouts of Japan. They’re using everything they just learned at camp to defeat their first foe! Will they succeed? Or is it the end for our young heroes?


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