VFX tings

VFX tings

by guente on 29 Mar 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

A collection of my proudest work from my time at AUT.

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Limbo is the first big VFX project I worked on at AUT. We gathered up into a group of 4 consisting of me, Amani, Felix, and Jenny. The assignment was to create a 2 minute short film featuring a CGI creature. My teammate Felix modelled the robot. Amani did all of the filming while I composited the robot into the shots as well as colour graded it. All shots shown with the robot composited in were shots done by me.

Limbo Creature Scenes

Limbo Car Scene

Limbo Car and Window Breakdown

Pepsi Man is a project I worked on during the second half of my second year at AUT. It featured another CGI creature in a 30-second advert, however this time we had to pitch our ideas to a professional industry pitcher. We got into groups of 3 - me, Jacky, and Oliver, where we all came up with our own ideas to pitch. Of the 3 ideas pitched my idea was chosen which was nice. We used motion capture instead of hand animating the 3d models of the pepsi men, bringing it into motionbuilder and attaching the movements to the rigged models. I modelled the pepsi man model from scratch, and then textured the classic blue and silver colour onto the original pepsi man. Jacky textured the black and silver diet pepsi man model and Oliver created the rig for both of them. When it came to compositing we divvied up shots to composite. Every shot shown here are shots I composited.

Can Pass Scene

Drinking Scene

Two Shot Scene

Pepsi Man Breakdown

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