Michael Lachman
by MichaelLachman on 25 Mar 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

My final project at Think Tank Online. Rendered in Unreal 5.0 I'm responsible for all aspects. Made during a mentorship with Forrest Mead. Thanks for looking!

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My inspiration was loosely based on Wangxing Wang concept art "Abandoned Market," interiors after various natural disasters, and my own references from convenient stores around Vancouver. 

The project was made using Unreal's Nanite and Lumen tech. I wanted the entire scene to be "playable" so I packed in detail everywhere and refrained from setting up final compositions until the end of the project. The building itself was made with modularity in mind and took on a few different layouts before settling on the final composition. I created a vertex painting shader for the floor to create water damage and dirt variation.  I made my textures from scratch, starting in Designer, exposing various parameters for flexibility, and then building on them in Painter to add detail and story telling when necessary. To detail the bodega's exterior I employed a few megascans props. 

I'm so happy with all that I've learned during my time at Think Tank Online, and I'd like to thank my family and fellow classmates for their support and all the instructors who guided me along the way.

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