Designer Couch Legno Sinuoso: Inspired by the Harbin Opera House

Designer Couch Legno Sinuoso: Inspired by the Harbin Opera House

Gavin Badenhorst
by gcad on 20 Mar 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

A gb_renders/ gcad original designer couch named Legno Sinuoso, named after its curvy wooden features. This is my attempt at designing the most beautiful couch. Inspired by the Harbin Opera House interior design.

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Scroll down for details. But first, check out the feature video I posted on Youtube:




                                                               But, how did we get here?

3 months into my self-taught Blender learning journey, I got to a stage where I wanted to put the skills I learned into action and no longer just wanted to make the things that I saw from tutorials. I wanted to design something of my own from scratch... So, I went on a journey to find inspiration for what I wanted to create and decided on something that is common to most people... a couch :)

I remembered an image I saw on social media:

By only gazing upon this image... I could already see in my mind what most of what the final couch would look like. But things get forgotten... so I needed to jot what I had visualized down as a reference.

                                                          "Reference is a must Be..."

                           "... although not always Pretty"


"And then the long-hard hours commence trying to model what can be visualised in one's mind in just a mere few seconds since the idea's conception..."

                                                  ^ Slide to see a summary of the process ^


"... until FINALLY we compromise with Thee: "

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