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Elias J Herena
by mosscola on 16 Mar 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Downfall was a worldbuilding project I made for a concept design class.

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Downfall- Summary

At the height of the climate crisis, one household name is the solution to all humanity’s problems: Entierra Inc. The pioneering corporation’s drones populate and automate every major city on earth. Despite their numerous critics, they plan to forge ahead with their final project: The Entierra Mach 7, a massive, ozone-patching robot, engineered by the esteemed Pam Soto. On launch day, all seems to be going according to plan, until, at 130,000 ft, the robot’s flight systems fail and send it crashing into the capital city of Solbridge.

60 years later, we follow Morgan Soto, an aspiring engineer living in the wreckage of Solbridge, the robot’s corpse a haven for scrap collectors like her. Despite rebuild efforts by Entierra Inc, the city remains in shambles. At the discovery of her grandmother’s role in her city’s destruction, she sets out to discover the truth behind the catastrophe, and unearths a conspiracy that many would kill to keep secret.

Environment Illustrations

These were quick initial explorations of the world that Downfall takes place in. They were helpful to nail down the vibe of the city of Solbridge.

Character Designs

We were tasked with making 2 protagonists and 2 antagonists. I really enjoyed exploring each design and creating visual ties between them.

Production Art

For our final, we had to illustrate our characters interacting in the environment. It was a great opportunity to adjust my initial environment ideas to fit the story better, as well as explore the characters' dynamics together. This was definitely my favorite part of the project!

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