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Nails and Apples Pilot Episode

Nails and Apples Pilot Episode

by mmitch37 on 15 Mar 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

A short film about an unlikely friendship striking between two girls in a New England forest.

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"Nails and Apples" is a story I have been working on for years. It surrounds an unlikely friendship between two girls in a New England forest. It has themes of religious horror while keeping that Cartoon Network-esque humor, and has been a passion project of mine for awhile. A few years ago I decided to take on my first massive animation project, which is this pilot episode. I am nearing the end of this journey, and already planning on my next massive project.

This has been made mainly using the Adobe Photoshop timeline.

I've been working on this animation since before September of 2019. This has been a project soley done by myself, with the exception of some storyboarding help and music that I commissioned someone to create.

A lot of trees were drawn. Far too many trees...

My characters and art style continued to develop the more I worked on this animation, and I'm overall very happy with how it's turning out. It's been a great learning experience and if I had the chance, I think I know what I would change and improve on.

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