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Character Look Development Showreel | Matthias Strasser

Character Look Development Showreel | Matthias Strasser

Matthias Strasser
by matthiasstrasser on 15 Mar 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hello everybody! This is my showreel composed of the work done during my studies at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. The last few are personal projects. I focused on creating believable characters and visualizing 2D concepts in 3D. Any feedback is welcome!

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Code Rat was the last project I got to work on this year. I had the opportunity to direct, create the characters and a lot of other fun stuff. It was also a great chance to get to know my way around houdini solaris, shot grid and royal render. Creating a workflow to get XGen grooming into houdini was a blast as well.

I enjoyed creating the rat's fur, because I could get creative with it. The rat fur reference I found looked a bit boring to me, so I kept looking and found that opossum fur is really interesting. The hair often has black endings and white hair inbetween. Next to the rats I got to texture and shade the satellite my friend modeled.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to make breakdowns for "Up The Rabbit Hole" and the creature in "Mutation", but here I have some LookDev pictures of this guy. I tried to fit him into his own cinematic. He ended up in a viking tavern, telling hair-raising stories of their adventures. In this one, I attempted to push the details while making sure he remains renderable and to incorporate the techniques I used on the last project. A lot of peach fuzz :)

Considering all the stuff he has with him, this character is the most complex one, I've done so far. This guy could open a whole store selling all his stuff :)

Growing up I really liked the pirates of the caribbean movies, so I couldn't resist putting him into my favorite scenes.

In this one, I tried to go for a more realistic character with pores and peach fuzz. Creating the dress was really challenging. It was the first time I used Houdini to create sewing patterns with curves. The dress is inspired by the embroidered Colombian dresses from Encanto. I really liked them and had to try it myself.

That's it for now :) Thanks for reading this! Have a great day!

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