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The Boy Who Howled Wolf by Wiliie Jimenez

The Boy Who Howled Wolf by Wiliie Jimenez

Willie Jimenez
by williejimenezart on 15 Mar 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Indie Manga/comic I worked on last year. that was a Prize winning finalist for Tokyopop‘s 25th Year Anniversary edition of “Rising Stars of Manga” (RSoM) 2022 competition. and got published by InkR.

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Last summer I spent most of my time working on this manga/comic for a contest. Tokyopop ‘s 25th Year Anniversary edition of “Rising Stars of Manga” (RSoM) 2022 competition. and it got picked up by InkR. Here I will show a alot of the work that went into creating the comic. The Preproduction stuff along with story boards and and character designs. and show off all the work and planning that went into creating a IP. That went on to won awards and got itself published. 

First showing off the cover and promo art. And some process images of creating them. 

Next I will show some comic book pages. This is actually a sorta of (although B+W) color story. a way of laying out the entire comic so one can see visually the flow. Kinda like a time line. The comic starts in the day then gets deeper into night and dark areas. then theres the rain. in the end. it way of seeing how the mood changes and progresses as the story goes along. I did something similar with the thumbnails and storyboards and with the pages as the pages developed. it really helps to see everything side by side. 

These were used in 2 articles I've written on how to create comic and the behind the scenes look at all the work and thought that went into this project. 

one on cube brush...

the other here on the rookies blog...

There I went deeper into the whole process.

Now some Character designs. These were done very roughly at first. then fixed up for my portfolio later after the comic was picked up. The character designs were kept simple for the comic itself for ease of getting the comic done. 

Now some of the logo designs. Iterations and different versions. 

Quickly want to add a T-shirt I'm selling on amazon as merch.

Ending with a quick animation I made. Which I posted as a Reel to help promote the comic. I able to turn this (created a few others) into a GIF animations. Which I was able to get them on Which allowed me (any other people) to use them in social media. In comments and in their stories. 

The comic became a top ranking comic in its category for a long while. Hold the top #1 stop on InkR for a free Indie comic for a few days. With people over 4K people reading so far. It's only been up for a few months. 

It's been a pleasure working on this project. Lots of hard work. But it seems to paying off. And open doors for me. Thank you to everyone who got this far down into my submission. It was huge a huge undertaking. Hope you enjoyed it. 

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